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Ultimate Orb

Last-modified: 2017-05-20 (土) 00:28:14
Ultimate Orb.png上位アイテム
Eye of Skadi.pngEye of Skadi5675
Cost 2100Scythe of Vyse.pngScythe of Vyse5650
Linken's Sphere.pngLinken's Sphere4800
Manta Style.pngManta Style4950
Silver Edge.pngSilver Edge5500
  • +10 All Attributes

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  • たかい -- 2013-08-13 (火) 04:42:05
  • 合成後も高いけどこのゲームの最強アイテムが並ぶ -- 2013-08-13 (火) 04:42:27
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