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TI鯖 Classic1.5 詳細

1.Aden town and territory

  • Aden will become available to all players, together with this amazing looking city will also come there CHs and the majestic Aden Castle.

2.New hunting zones

  • With Aden territory showing up, some new hunting zones will be available, among them are the folowing:''
    • Forest of mirrors. Solo locations for levels 45 ~ 55
    • Fields of Massacre. Solo or mini group location for levels 55 ~ 65
    • Cemetery. Solo location for levels 50 ~ 55
    • Ancient Battleground. Group location for levels 60 ~ 70
    • Seal of Shilen. Solo location for levels 61 ~ 64
    • Blazing Swamp. Solo location for levels 65 ~ 70

3.New skills

  • Of course such big update could not come without new skills. We also have something in the bag relating to this subject.''
    For this next update the new skills showing up will be the following:
    • Body Impale - Bounty Hunter
    • Weapon Reinforcement - Warsmith
    • Tenacity - Bounty Hunter and Warsmith
    • Spirit Sharing - All Summoner Classes
    • Sonic Move - Gladiator
    • Clear Mind - Spellsinger, Sorcerer and Spellhowler
    • Mass Curse Gloom - Necromancer
    • Sand Bomb - All dagger classes
    • Silent Move - Plains Walker
    • Combat Aura - All tank classes
    • Mass Summon Aqua Cubic - Elemental summoner
    • Mass Summon Storm Cubic - Warlock
    • Mass Summon Phantom Cubic - Phantom summoner
    • Summon Feline Queen - Warlock (max skill lvl available will be lvl 8 only so pet skills will be max lvl 2 only)
    • Summon Seraphim the Unicorn - Elemental Summoner (max skill lvl available will be lvl 8 only so pet skills will be max lvl 2 only)
    • Summon Nightshade - Phantom Summoner (max skill lvl available will be lvl 8 only so pet skills will be max lvl 2 only)

4.New Quests

  • Some new quests will also be available.''
    • Conquest of Alligator Island
    • Illegitimate Child of a Goddess
    • Plunder the Supplies

5.New Raid Bosses

  • New Raid Bosses will show up around the map in a variety of levels.''
    • Rahha
    • Fierce Tiger King Angel
    • Gargoyle Lord Tiphon
    • Shilen's Priest Hisilrome
    • Roaring Lord Kastor
    • Fairy Queen Timiniel
    • Ghost of the Well Lidia
    • Taik High Prefect Arak
    • Soulless Wild Boar
    • Timak Priest Ragoth
    • Refugee Applicant Leo
    • Harit Guardian Garangky
    • Furious Thieles
    • Enchanted Forest Lookout Ruell
    • Wizard Isirr
    • Harit Hero Tamash
    • Bandit Leader Barda
    • Ghost Knight Kabed
    • Paniel de Unicorn
    • Red Flag Camptain Shaka
    • Grave Robber Kim
    • Verfa
    • Deadman Ereve
    • Ghost of Peasent Captain
    • Fairy Queen's Messenger Berun
    • Slaughter Lord Gato
    • Karte
    • Mirror of Oblivion
    • Barion

6.Changes on old locations

  • A couple of changes will happen in some of the old location.''
    • Dragon valley
      All monsters will be come agro and social
      When you kill Cave Keepers and Cave Maidens there will be a chance a new monster will spawn. This monster will be called Cave Banshee, it has no drops but has a slightly higher amount of experience comparing to the other mobs around.
    • Cruma Tower
      Eskuro monster will be aggressive
      All monster in the second floor will be aggressive and social

7.Other changes.

  • Some changes will happen related to the party experience bonus for smaller groups. Groups of 2 till 5 members will get slightly more bonus exp then on the version before with same amount of party members.


※日本ではProphecy of Libertyと呼ばれる

  • New skills and books for them(新スキル)
  • Transformation skills(スキル変換)
  • Changes in skills(スキル変更)
  • B armor(Bグレード追加)
    • 70% + 100% recipes
  • Dualsword Craft Stamp added(二刀印紙追加)
  • Changes in items
    • Levels for Epic jewels are added(ボスアクセ段階追加?)
  • New zones(新しい狩場)
  • Aden city is added(アデン領地追加)
    • Aden clan halls added
  • New Raid Bosses
  • New Aden zones
  • Changes in zones(MOB配置変更)
    • Amount of monsters in starting locations decreased, their respawn time decreased
    • Decreased respawn time for monsters near: Gludio, Dion, Talking Island Village and Gludin.
    • New quests
  • New quest “Moon knight” for D grade armor(クエスト月下の騎士追加)
  • Enchant scroll fragments(強化スクロールの破片追加)
  • Changes in quests
    • Increased experience for first class change(1次転職時取得EXP増加)
  • Increased experience in party(パーティボーナス増加)
  • Changed the pose of the char with the sword(両手剣のポーズ変更)
  • Clan skill changes
  • Interface changes
  • Other changes
    • Free teleports till level 40

「アンタラスの洞窟」 アップデート
45 ~ 70 レベル狩り場とアデン登場!変身追加も!


  • アップデート要点
    • アデン領域追加
    • アンタラスの洞窟追加
    • Bグレード追加
    • 新スキル追加
    • クエスト月下の騎士追加