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搭載センサーPhilips Twin Eye PLN 2032
本体のサイズ(mm)128mm x 70mm x 42.5mm


  • ゲーミンググレードワイヤレステクノロジ
  • ワイヤード/ワイヤレス両対応
  • オンボードメモリ(RazerSynapse)搭載
  • キー割り当て可能な7ボタン
  • 5600DPI/3.5世代のレーザーセンサー
  • ポーリングレート1000Hz対応/1msレスポンス
  • 最大加速度:50G、200インチ/秒
  • バッテリ連続稼働時間14時間、通常使用72時間



2009/04/071.03DLRelease Log:
Thank you for downloading the initial release of Razer Mamba Firmware Updater. This Updater shall update your Razer Mamba Mouse and Charging Dock with the latest, optimized firmware available!
With this initial release, the Updater has certain platform dependent caveats that you should be made aware of and have documented workarounds within this Release Log & FAQ. Please read the release log in full.
Improvements to the updater utility shall be made in the coming weeks to improve compatibility and usability across all platforms.
2009/06/031.06DLRelease Log:
Changes from version 1.03
- Reduced time taken to wake-up from ‘deep sleep’ mode after long duration of non-usage.
- In order to prevent the over discharging of the Li-Poly battery, the Razer Mamba now enters a soft shutdown state whenever the battery status is critically low.
- Implemented a firmware fix to prevent occurrences of the ‘double clicking’ issue.
2009/06/031.07DLRelease Log:
Changes from version 1.06
- Implemented Dynamic DPI Scaling technology to mitigate occurrences of “jitter”
2009/07/281.08DLRelease Log:
Changes from version 1.07
- New advanced tracking algorithm that replaces Dynamic DPI Scaling ”
2009/07/301.08.02DLRelease Log:
Changes from version 1.07
- New advanced tracking algorithm that replaces Dynamic DPI Scaling
- Addition of Simplified Chinese language support
2009/11/181.08.03DLRelease Log:
- Support for all OS (XP32, XP64, Vista 32, Vista 64, Win7 32, Win7 64).
- Fixed application hang issue during dongle update.
2010/04/011.13DLRelease Log:
- Fixed MAC issues.
- Fixed compatibility issues.
- Fixed keystroke recognition during lift-off.
2009/04/051.02DLRelease Log:
-Support French Canadian.
-Users are advised to stop moving the mouse when application is launched and after clicking on the OK/Apply button in wireless mode, to improve performance.
2009/04/231.03DLRelease Log:
Support 8 languages (English, French Canadian, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional)
2009/05/251.04DLRelease Log:
- Address problem where polling rate would intermittently change to 500hz on its own (system dependent).
- Sync up current DPI stage and default DPI stage if decrease number of sensitivity stages.
- Address memory leak issues when hotplug Mamba. Proper release memory mechanism in Razer system tray and refresh upon hotplug Mamba.
- Address problem where click new/delete button during macro recording application freeze.
- Address problem where the mouse would freeze when switching between users. (Please note that when changing users and then switching back to the original user, the System Tray will not automatically launch. Please be sure to launch the Mamba application after the switch. We will address the auto launch feature of the application with a later update)
2009/07/061.05DLRelease Log:
- Address memory leak issue.
- Improve Auto-Switch function and profile handling.
- Update Chinese Simplified strings in application.
2009/11/031.06DLRelease Log:
- Windows 7 compatible
- Improved handling of On-The-Fly-Sensitivity On-Screen-Display.
- Improved handling of profile auto switch.
2009/11/261.07DLRelease Log:
- Fixed issue on driver translation.




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