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A Visit Worthwhile


The ship’s sensors kicked in one by one once the ship exited the jump wormhole. Reigou Kiriyki scanned his surroundings with interest, this being his first visit to the Bersyrim system. In fact, none of Kiriyki’s acquaintances had visited this system. Not that it was deserted, far from it: the Bersyrim system lies deep within Amarr space and has two large habitable planets, both teeming with life. No, Bersyrim, as most systems in the Shi-Karid sector, is a restricted area. A visa is needed to enter those systems and acquiring a visa is easier said than done. Kiriyki got his from a contact he knew within the huge Nurtura company and then only because his contact sorely needed someone to ferry vital agricultural machinery to Bersyrim III. As other large Amarrian companies, Nurtura had to depend on foreign traders for much of its trade, even within the Amarr Empire itself. Despite being the largest of the empires their trade fleet was not up to par and Caldari and Gallentean traders poured into the Amarr Empire in growing numbers, in spite of the many trade restrictions. Kiriyki set his course for Bersyrim III.


ジャンプ・ワームホールから抜け出すのと同時に艦の機能が次々と起動してゆく。Reigou KiriykiはついにBersyrim星系へと足を踏み入れた感動に身を震わせながら、回りの様子を興味深く探っていた。知人の中に一人としてここに入り込んだ事がある者は居ないが、それは決して不毛な土地だからではない。Amarr帝国宙域の奥深くに存在するここBersyrim星系には二つの住居可能な惑星があり、そのどちらも生命に満ち満ちている。奴らがここに入った事の無い理由は簡単、大抵のShi-Karid領内と同じように侵入禁止区域と成っているからだ。これらの星系に入るには入国許可証が必要になるが、それを手に入れるのはまさに“言うは易し、行うは難し”である。Kiriykiが入国許可証を手に入れられたのも、巨大企業の一つであるNurtura社内部のコネで重要な農業用機械を輸送する急ぎの仕事にありつけたからというだけである。Amarr帝国の領域は他の国と比べ群を抜いて広大だがその輸送船団の数が広さに追いついておらず、貿易規制が多数あるにも関わらずCaldariやGallentの輸送業者が帝国内でますます数を増やしているのが現状であった。他のAmarr帝国に属する巨大企業の類に洩れず、このNurturaもたとえそれが同じ帝国領域内だとしても荷物の輸送の大半を国外の業者に頼むしかないのだ。そんな業者に所属する中の一人であるKiriykiは艦首をBersyrim IIIへと向けた。


Bersyrim III, like the other inhabited planet Odra, was among the largest exporters of agricultural products in the whole Amarr Empire and Kiriyki was excited to get the change to do business there. Getting the visa not only presented additional business opportunities, but also gave his career in Jaasinen Inc. a big boost, now that he alone of all the corporation’s members was able to travel to this restricted part of the Amarr Empire. Kiriyki had also been instrumental in getting Nurtura to buy the Caldari-made agricultural machinery in the first place, the very same machinery he was now carrying in his cargo hold to its final destination on Bersyrim III. Kiriyki dreamed of being made head of the Amarr trading branch. He had spent years gaining the trust of the Amarrians and building up a network of contacts and felt the time had come for some recognition for his efforts.


もう一つの植民惑星であるOdraと同様にここBersyrim IIIはAmarr帝国全体の中でも最大規模の農産物輸出量を誇る事で有名であり、Kiriykiは ここで商売をするという転機に恵まれた事に興奮していた。この入国許可証を手に入れた事によってさらに幅広く商売が可能になっただけでは無く、Jaasinen社でただ一人この立ち入り制限されたAmarr帝国領地へと足を運べるという事実が社内での出世において大きく貢献してくれる事は間違い無いのだ。また、KiriykiはNurtura社がCaldari製の農業機器を購入する契約を取り付ける点でも大きな役割をはたしており、今Bersyrim IIIへと運んでいる製品はまさにその時に彼がNurtura社に売った物であった。Kiriykiがこの機会を生かしてJaasinen社のAmarr営業支部の頂点に立つのを夢見ている事は当然の事だろう。長年に渡る活動によってAmarr人からの信頼を増やしながら人脈を広げ、ついにその努力が報われる時が来たのだ…。


Kiriyki forced himself to start thinking about his current assignment, the future would take care of his endorsements. Right now the priority was to get the cargo safe and sound to Bersyrim III, collect the reward for a mission accomplished and then maybe he would engage in some trading on his own. Certainly, agricultural products were definitely cheaper here at their source than almost anywhere else and as long as he was willing to carry them around for awhile Kiriyki could make a killer deal here. No wonder the visas leading to the Amarr agricultural planets were regarded as gateways to fabulous riches.


Kiriykiは頭を振ってそんな想像を払うと、現在の任務に集中するよう自身を諌めた。未来は約束されているに違いないのだ*1。 現在最も重要な事はまず積み荷を無事Bersyrim IIIまで届けて任務遂行の報酬を得る事であり、それから自身の為の貿易に取りかかればいい。ここで製造されている農産物はほぼ全宇宙のどこと比べても確実に安く、彼が運ぶための努力を惜しまない限り莫大な利益をもたらす事は間違いない。このAmarr帝国の農業惑星への入国許可証が大富豪へと続く道になっている事は疑いようのない事実だった。


While traveling here Kiriyki had made an effort to get as much information as he could on the Bersyrim system. He prided himself in being very thorough when it came to places and people connected to his business.


Bersyrim IIIまでの移動期間中、KiriykiはBersyrim星系についての情報を可能な限り集めていた。こと商売においては関係する場所や人々について労を厭わず調査をする性格を、彼自身誇りにしているのだ。


Bersyrim was an old system, colonized more than 500 years ago. It lay in the fief of the Kador-family and was the gem of the sector. Bersyrim III landmass was mainly vast plains, making it ideal for large-scale food production. The planet exported huge amounts of agricultural products each year, but only a handful of its inhabitants had any extra-terrestrial connections; most of the populace lived and bred and died totally oblivious to anything else but their own surroundings. Kiriyki knew that this wasn’t a unique case - it applied to most planetary populations everywhere. After all, the space economy was only a fraction of the planetary economy.


Bersyrim星系の歴史は古く500年以上前から入植が始まっており、Kador家の領地に在ってその領内のまさに宝石とも言われている。Bersyrim IIIの陸地は広大な平地が広がり、大規模な食糧生産にうってつけの場所である。実際毎年莫大な量の農産物を輸出しているが、住民の中で惑星外とのつながりを持つ者はほんの一握りしか存在しない。大抵の住民は彼らを取り囲む物以外の環境を知る事も無く生まれ、育ち、そして死んでいくのだ。だがKiriykiはこの地特有の事では無いのを知っていた。惑星上で生活する者のほとんどがそういった一生を送る。実際の処、宇宙上の経済などは惑星上の経済の断片でしかないのだ。


Most of the urban settlements, which were not many, had developed around huge Holder citadels, the cornerstone of imperial control on the planet. The towns were a mish-mash of large stone buildings, tottering wooden huts and raggedy tent-houses, with every nook and cranny chock full of people. Most of the citizens were Ni-Kunni craftsmen, sprinkled with true Amarrian artisans and freed Minmatar slaves. Out on the plains the land was divided between a handful of Amarr Holders, each ruling over a vast estate of up to 100,000 acres or more. The land was worked by slaves, mostly of Minmatar origin, who lived in small villages surrounded in all directions by an ocean of cornfields. All settlements, both the towns and the villages, were heavily fortified to keep the marauding Chikra nomads out. The Chikra people were descendants of a group of the first settlers on the planet that cut themselves off from the other settlers and headed out into the wilderness. They developed a nomadic lifestyle and still roam the planet in small packs, to the annoyance of the Amarrian authorities.




Yet even if Kiriyki, with his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the areas he did business in, he would be the first to admit that he knew only a tiny fraction of the history of the world of EVE. Sure, now he knew plenty about Bersyrim III, but it was only one world of many thousands, each with its own unique history, customs, stories and people.


今までにさまざまな場所で商売を行い、貴重な経験を得て深い知識を持つKiriykiであったが、今回彼は初めて自分がこのEVEの世界の歴史のほんのわずかな断片しか知りえていなかったのだと気付かされた。もちろん、今となってはBersyrim IIIについて豊富な知識を得た。だがこの惑星も、何千何万というそれぞれ独自の歴史、習慣、物語、そして人々が存在する”世界”の中の一つでしかないのだ。


While browsing the local news channel on Bersyrim III station as his ship was being loaded with newly-purchased products Kiriyki came across a small report about a discovery of a cache of cyber implants floating in space near Odra station but station workers, no doubt the remnants of a stubborn freighter unwilling to yield to pursuing pirates. When Kiriyki read the name of the cyber implants: Double-Edged Hydra Compartmentalizer, his heart missed a beat. No wonder the freighter had been stubborn, these implants were among the rarest and most sought after Amarrian artifacts in the Caldari State. Kiriyki fervently hoped the news was true: a horde of super-rare cyber implants for sale! While he waited impatiently for the loading procedure to finish he noticed his hands shaking. Odra station was just one warp away…


新しく注文した品物が船に積み込まれる間に地元のニュースチャンネルを閲覧していたKiriykiは小さく掲載された、Odra基地周辺に浮かんでいる所を発見されたCyber Implantsの隠し場所の報道を偶然目にする。頑強な貨物運送業者の生き残りに違いないある基地労働者はそれを追い求める海賊たちに引き渡す事を良しとしなかったようだ*2。KiriykiがそのCyber Implantsの名前を読んだ時、彼の心臓は驚きのあまり動きを止めた。”Double-Edged Hydra Compartmentalizer” その運送業者達が頑固に守ろうとしていたのは間違いない。それらは最も貴重であり、Caldari国において最大の労力をもって捜索されていたAmarrの人工遺物だったのだ。Kiriykiはこのニュースが本当であることを切に願った。とてつもなく貴重なCyber Implantsが大量に売りに出ているのだ!落ち着きなく積み込み作業が終わるのを待つ彼は震える手を止める事が出来なかった。Odra基地までたったのワープ1回…



*1 意味不明瞭、要訂正
*2 意味不明瞭、要訂正