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City of god


Two thousand years ago, not long after the Amarrians ventured out into space, an emperor whose name now is known to few came into power. His legacy still reverberates throughout the Amarr Empire, a legacy born with his death, a legacy far different that the one he intended for himself. He was called Zaragram II and since his death his name has been a curse word for the Amarrians, for none more than the Ardishapur family that spawned him.


二千年前、まだ Amarrians が宇宙に進出して間もない頃、今はその名前を知る人も少ない皇帝が権力を握りました。
彼の遺産は今も Amarr Empire 中にこだましています、その遺産は彼の意図したものとは全く違うものとして彼の死から生まれました。
彼は Zaragram II と呼ばれていました、そして彼の死の後、彼を生み出した Ardishapur family 自身よりは控えめとしても、彼の名前は Amarrians 全体にとっての呪いの言葉となっています。


At that time, the status of the Amarr Emperor, though undoubtedly the head of state, was still subtly different. He was the leader of the Apostles, the first among equals, and his authority was channeled through the Apostle Council. But Zaragram hungered for more direct power; he wished to elevate himself above the common clergy into godhood itself. He regarded himself as the worldly manifestation of divinity. As soon as he came into power Zaragram started issuing decrees, most of them religious in nature. Many of these decrees directly usurped the Scriptures and many of the most sacred traditions of Amarr society were uprooted and eradicated.


当時の Amarr Emperor の地位は、確かに国家元首ではあるとしても、まだ微妙に異なっていました。
彼は Apostles(使徒)の中の首座でありながら同等でもある代表者でした、そして彼の権限は Apostle Council(使徒会議)を通して出されました。
彼は権力を握ると Zaragram は法令を出しはじめ、それらの多くは宗教的な本質を持つものでした。
多くの法令は直接的に聖書を侵害し、Amarr 社会の最も神聖な伝統の多くは追われ根絶されられました。


Then Zaragram set out for his most ambitious project. He wanted to 'get in touch' with his supernatural self and to accomplish this he set out to construct the city of god - a place worthy of divine residence. The city was to be constructed in space, not bound to any earthly place, and was to be the eternal legacy of Zaragram's II greatness. Zaragram named his city Mezagorm, meaning Vision of god, though it was commonly known as City of god.


そして、Zaragram は彼の最も野心的な計画に取りかかりました。
彼は超自然な自身と接触を望み、これを成し遂げるために、神の住居にふさわしい City of god(神の都)の建設に取りかかりまし。
この都は宇宙に建設され、いかなる地上の場所とも繋がり無く、Zaragram's II の偉大さの永遠の遺産となるはずでした。
Zaragram は彼の都を Vision of god(神の展望)を意味する Mezagorm と名付けましたが、一般的には City of god(神の都)として知られていました。


Things came about differently than Zaragram wished. Just when the construction of his glorious city, located in the system of Shastal, was completed emperor Zaragram was assassinated. Having accumulated so many enemies by then, any one of dozens of groups could have been responsible. After his death the Apostle Council became all-powerful for a short while and they did their utmost to bury his memory. His decrees were reversed, all icons and pictures of him where either destroyed or his face and name scraped out, and his city was laid to waste. In a few generations his name was all but forgotten. Instead of the glorious legacy Zaragram envisioned for himself, his rule contributed to the power of the Apostles and the Moral Reform it brought about some 500 years later.


事は Zaragram が望んだものとは違う形に起こりました。
Shastal 星系に位置した彼の偉大なる都の建設が完了したその時、皇帝 Zaragram は暗殺されました。
彼の死後、 Apostle Council(使徒会議)は短い間、全ての権力を掌握し、彼らは彼の記憶を消し去るために全力を尽くしました。
Zaragram 自身が心に描いた栄光の遺産の代わりに、彼の統治は Apostles(使徒)の権力と、約500年後に起こる Moral Reform(道徳改正)の一因となりました。


Deep space is a gentle resting place and the ruins of Zaragram's city are still there to be seen. The city was a sprawling place and it scattered remains are visible for miles around. Some say that Zaragram's spirit still haunts the place, gliding between the rubble of his city, but others say it's only the looters having a field day.


深宇宙は優しい安息の場所であり、Zaragram の都の廃墟はまだそこに見られます。
都の瓦礫の間を飛ぶ Zaragram の霊が今もその場所に現れるという人がいますが、他の者達は、それは運動会をしている盗掘者に過ぎないと言います。