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Sisters of EVE


Space outside the realms of the empires gives home to more than just brigands and pirates, it is also the home of those at the other end of the spectrum - those that dedicate their lives to aiding the needy. The Sisters of EVE is one of these organizations, perhaps the one best known. But the Sisters are about more than just aid relief. The foundation of the organization is firmly based in religion and science, a strange combination that has still gained much social ground in all the empires.


Empires 領土の外の地域は、山賊や海賊だけでなくもっと多くの他の人々にホームを与えます、そしてまた貧窮者の援助に一生を捧げる、スペクトルの反対な人々のホームでもあります。
Sisters of EVE は、そのような組織の1つで、おそらく最も知られているものの1つです。
しかし Sisters はただの救援援助以上の存在です。
組織の基盤は宗教と科学という奇妙な組み合わせの上にしっかりと成り立っていて、全ての Empires で社会的地位を得ています。


The Sisters were originally founded as a neutral aid organization during the Gallente-Caldari War. It later served the same purpose during the Amarr-Jove War and the Minmatar Rebellion and firmly established itself as the main humanitarian relief agency in the world of EVE. The Sisters have a number of bases scattered around, almost all of them are located near popular trade routes, yet outside empire borders.


Sisters は当初、Gallente-Caldari 戦争の間に中立援助組織として創設されました。
それは後の、Amarr-Jove 戦争や Minmatar Rebellion 間にも、同じ目的で勤め、そして EVE 世界の主要な人道援助機関として、しっかりと自らを定着させました。
Sisters は多くの散らばった地域に拠点を持ちます、それらのほとんどは Empire の国境の外でですが、よく知られる通商路の近くにあります。


But the Sisters do more than just come to the aid of those in need. They are also devoted practitioners of their religious beliefs, which center around the EVE-gate. The Sisters belief that this ‘relic from god’, as they call it, holds the key to the universe and are determined to unlock it, in order to bring ‘everlasting peace under god’s guidance and guardianship’ to the world of EVE. The Sisters maintain that god resides at the other side of the gate and from his domain he guides the lives of those that belief in him and keeps them out of harms way. The Sisters have large followings in all the empires (even some Jovians) and the organization is mostly run on donations from those followers, as well as from some limited commercial enterprises and tariffs levied on those visiting their stations.


Sisters はただ困った人々を助けに来る以上のことをします。
彼らは、献身的な彼らの EVE-gate へ向ける宗教的信念の専門家でもあります。
彼らが「神の遺物」と呼ぶそれが宇宙の鍵を持ち、そして EVE の世界に「神の導きと加護の元による永遠の平和」を導くための扉を開ける決定を下すという Sisters の信念。
Sisters は神は EVE-gate の向こう側に住み、そして彼の世界から彼を信じるものを導き、危害を遠ざけると主張します。
Sisters は全ての Empires (少数は Jovians にさえ)に大きな支持者を持ちます、そして組織は限られた企業活動や彼らのステーションの訪問者からの関税はもちろん、この支援者からの寄付で動いています。


In recent years the Sisters have become more methodical in their approach to ‘unlocking’ the EVE-gate and have undertaken numerous scientific experiments on the matter. The instigator of these scientific approaches is the current high priestess of the Sisters, Harna Durado. She claims it is ‘god’s will’ that the EVE-gate is studied thoroughly, with the intent of determining once and for all what forces are at work in and around it. As of yet the research being performed by the Sisters has not uncovered any stunning revelations, but the millions of believers belonging to the Sisters’s faith are fervently praying for a breakthrough in the near future.


これらの科学的手法への扇動者は、Sisters の現在の女性司祭長の Harna Durado です。
彼女は、どんな力が中と周辺で働いているのか確かめる目的で1度だけ EVE-gate を完全に調査することは「天命」であると主張します。
まだ今の所、Sisters による研究は素晴らしい啓示を明らかにすることはできていませんが、Sisters の教義に属している何百万の信者達は、近い将来の大発見を熱烈に祈っています。