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The Armageddon Project


Even if peace has reigned in the world of EVE for a number of years this does not mean that the empires are sitting at ease when it comes to military technology. Each one of them is spending huge sums of money on R&D every year, as well as supporting independent research facilities and scientists. All of them have the same dream of discovering the ultimate weapon, something that just the threat of using would make the rest of the empires fall in line. Such weapons have been discovered before and each time their existence gave a new dimension of the game of power politics, but counter-measures have always been discovered sooner or late, returning equilibrium once again.


たとえ EVE 世界を何年にもわたり平和が支配しているとしても、この事は、軍事技術に関して大国たちが気楽に座っている事を意味しません。


Many have commented on how relieving it is that none of the empires has developed anything resembling a super-weapon that would surely upset the fragile peace existing between the empires. Even the Jovians with all their technological advances have never produced anything of the sort. But recent rumors might suggest otherwise. These rumors tell of a revolutionary new weapon developed in secret by the Jovians, a weapon capable of even destroying a whole planet. The Jovians are as elusive and tightlipped as always and have neither denied nor confirmed the rumors. Surveillance and covert operations made by other empires have not met with much success as the Jovians are masters of concealment. But the fragments of data that has been gathered have poured fuel on the fire of speculations and many fear that the Jovians are either waiting for the right opportunity for displaying the power of their new gadget, or they are secretly negotiating to sell it to the highest bidder.


全てにおいて進んだ技術を持つ Jovians さえ、そのような物をこれまで作っていません。
これらの噂は、惑星をまるごと破壊できる力を持つ革新的な武器が Jovians によって秘密裏に開発されたと言います。
Jovians はとらえどころが無く、常に口が堅いので、この噂を否定も肯定もしていません。
他の大国たちによる監視と秘密工作は、Jovians が隠蔽の達人なため、多くの成果は得られませんでした。
しかし、集められたデータの断片は推測の炎に燃料を注いでいます、多くの人が、Jovians が新しい装置の力を見せる機会を待っている、もしくは彼らが秘密裏に最も高い入札者にそれを売ろうと交渉している、事を恐れています。