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The Elite


In the time since all the races came into contact with each other about 150 years ago inter-stellar trading has steadily increased, especially since the races started cooperating more closely through institutes such as CONCORD.


全ての種族がお互いに接触を持った約150年前から、特に各種族が協力して CONCORD のような機関を通してより密接になったときから、恒星間取引は着実に増加しました。


Today all space ships are equipped with a capsule, which makes control of the ship much more easy and efficient for the ship captains. Not just anybody can become a ship captain. Captains need special kind of neural riggings and the training is extremely rigorous and taxing, only a small fraction of students actually make it through. This makes able ship captains a unique breed that have a special status within society. The ship captains are regarded by the empires as an expensive investment as well as a huge prestige - the number of inter-stellar traders an empire has in many ways reflects the economic vitality of the empire.


今日、全ての宇宙船は、船長がより簡単に効率的に船を操作する事の出来る Capsule を装備しています。
Empires にとって、Empire における恒星間貿易者の数は様々な面で Empire の経済活力を反映するため、船長は巨大な名声と同様に高価な投資であると考えられています。


Yet despite the desire of the empires to keep their ship captains on a leash things have developed differently. Because of the exulted status of the ship captains they’ve managed as the years have passed to make themselves ever more independent from the empires that spawned them. Most ship captains are still employees of an empire company or organization, but what work they do is largely self-controlled. The ever-increasing number of ship captains entering the market alleviates this problem for the empires and has allowed them to increase the number of captains working for them despite the fact that proportionally more and more captains are going totally independent.


Empires の船長を飼っておきたいという願望にもかかわらず、事態は違う方向に進みました。
船長の大きな地位により、数年経つと彼らは自分達を生み出した Empires から独立的になりました。
大部分の船長はまだ Empire の会社や組織の雇われ人ですが、どの様な仕事をするかは主に彼らの意思で決まります。
市場に入る船長の数が常に増え続けている事が、Empires にとってのこの問題を軽減させ、ますます船長が完全に独立していくにもかかわらず、彼らのために働く船長の数を増やす事を許しています。


The prestige enjoyed by the ship captains is enormous. Apart from the celebrity status many of them enjoy they receive a number of other privileges. The most important of these is their access to cloning, which is strictly supervised in all the empires. Although some rogue cloning stations are in operation the vast majority of cloning facilities are empire controlled and who is allowed a clone is rigorously controlled. Ship captains are one of very few professions that have, because of the nature of their job, more or less unrestricted access to clones, although any special types of clones must be paid for out of their own pocket.


その中で最も重要なものは、全ての Empires で厳しく監視されている、クローン施設への出入りです。
いくつかの、はぐれクローン作成ステーションが活動していますが、大多数のクローン施設は Empire の支配下にあり、誰にクローンが許されるかは厳しく管理されています。