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The moon of Ndoria
Ndoria の月


The moon of the planet Ndoria in the system of Uplingur has in recent years been at the center of the struggle between the Minmatar Republic and the Ammatars, a semi-independent state within the Amarr Empire. Uplingur is located in the disputed zone between Minmatar and Ammatar space and until now neither faction has managed to make more substantial claims to it than just words. But the Ammatars, apparently backed by the Amarrians, have recently been able to exert their authority in the system to the point where they have been able to construct huge mining installations, for now limited on and around the Ndoria moon. The reason for that is simple, the Ndoria moon has huge deposits of several highly valuable minerals and has been coveted for years by all the empires.


Uplingur星系内の惑星Ndoriaの月は近年、Minmatar RepublicとAmarr Empireの半独立州であるAmmatarとの戦闘の中心でした。