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2new chronicles bring holidaycheer to NewEden(2つの新年代記(短編小説)が休日のひと時を応援します) Edit

reported by CCP Fallout | 2008.12.25 16:59:10

The holidays are always a special time in New Eden, filled with family, good food, slavery and the occasional state-sponsored execution. It's a wonderful time of the year, and our two newest Chronicles bring the warmth directly to the heart of any capsuleer.
In his newest Chronicle, "Chained to the Sky," CCP Gnauton liberates more information about life as a slave in the Amarr Empire. Something is afoot, and it may have far-reaching consequences for the certain members of the slave population in the Amarr Empire.
In CCP Abraxas' "Two Deaths," we witness the warm, passionate homecoming of New Eden's two most notorious traitors, Anvent Eturrer of the Gallente Federation and Chamberlain Karsoth of the Amarr Empire.
These are two new EVE Chronicles. They are short-stories written by CCP staff and are intended to examine the various aspects of life in New Eden. The entire list is contained here.


彼の「空にチェーニングされる」中で最も新しいChronicleでは、CCP Gnautonは奴隷としてAmarr Empireで人生に関する詳しい情報を解放します。 ものは何か徒歩です、そして、それはAmarr Empireに奴隷の母集団の確信しているメンバーのための遠大な結果を持っているかもしれません。
CCPアブラクサスの「2つの死」では、私たちはNewエデンの2人の最も悪名高い反逆者の暖かくて、情熱的な帰省、Gallente FederationのAnvent Eturrer、およびAmarr EmpireのチェンバレンKarsothを目撃します。
全体のリストは ここに含まれています。

  • 新しい短編小説がリリースされたというニュースで、もちろん英文なんですが・・・。
  • 先日発表された3つのAmarr関連のアナウンスは、この2つの短編小説に絡んでるって事のようです。


(2008.12.25付 JAMYL女王 歴史的な開放であると発表)

DAM-TORSAD – Empress Jamyl I this afternoon made a special nationwide address to the people of the Empire wherein it was announced that, in a historic turning point for Amarr, a significant portion of the Empire’s slaves are being “emancipated from their obligations to our nation and our Lord.”

"Out there on the event horizon, a new age races toward us,” said the Empress in her announcement, “and it is approaching fast. The Lord in his infinite grace has instructed me that the chains that fetter us will no longer be necessary in this new age of light and reason, neither the chains of hatred that restrain our minds nor the chains of indenture that restrain those less fortunate than ourselves.”
According to the Empress’s announcement, the emancipation extends to every Minmatar slave of ninth generation and up, along with Minmatar academics and religious figures. It is unclear at this time exactly how many slaves are being set free in total, but all experts thus polled so far agree that the number will reach into the hundreds of millions.
“That’s going to be between six and seven hundred million slaves,” said Betancour Soraine, a senior analyst at the Federal Readjustment for Extraditions and Escapees program on Gallente Prime. “Who knows what crises that’s going to cause for the Empire? How they intend to replenish that kind of work force is beyond me. And, I mean, these aren’t glaive-collared factory drones, these are educated people, these are specialists. This is a brain trust we're talking about here.”
Others, meanwhile, seem to disagree. “There’s no real loss here,” said Jakunda Mishar, a senior operative at the independent Agency for Indenturee Rehabilitation in Dam-Torsad. “Academics are easily replaced, and most of truly indispensable ones will end up staying anyway. Besides, if you’re ninth-generation, you, your parents and all the ancestors you know of will have known nothing but the Empire. The Republic is a distant and frightening dream to these people. Where do you think they’re going to go?”
The announcement has caused turmoil in parts of the Empire, most notably in areas with significant slave populations. Small-scale rioting broke out earlier today on some of the Empire’s largest slave colonies, but Holders had been notified in advance of the Empress’s decree and were prepared with additional security measures which mostly sufficed to bring matters under control before they escalated.
Similarly, areas with high-generation slave populations were witness to massive celebrations as newly emancipated Minmatar took to the streets in large numbers. In several of these areas, makeshift statues and other artwork depicting Empress Jamyl I have been erected or otherwise brought into being, and her name is widely sung and chanted among the multitudes.
No comment has yet been forthcoming from any of the other nations of New Eden, save for a short announcement from King Khanid II this afternoon, wherein he commended the Empress for “making major strides toward a stronger Empire.”


ダム-TORSAD – 今日の午後がそれがあった帝国の人々への特別な全国的な演説に作った皇后陛下Jamyl Iは、Amarrの歴史的な転機には、帝国の奴隷のかなりの分が「彼らの義務から我々の国と我々のロードまで自由な」と発表しました。
皇后陛下の発表によると、Minmatar 研究者と宗教的な数字に加えて、解放は9回目の生成のあらゆるMinmatar奴隷に、そして、上へ広がります。何人の奴隷が全体で自由の身にされているかは正確にこの時に不明です、しかし、このようにここまで世論調査を受けるすべての専門家は数が何億もに達することに同意します。
「それは、6人と7億人の奴隷の間にありそうです」と、Betancour Soraine、ExtraditionsのためのFederal Readjustmentの上級アナリストとGallente Prime上のEscapeesプログラムではなっていました。「誰が、帝国に行っているどんな危機を引き起こすべきかについてわかっていますか?彼らがそういう要員を補充するつもりである方法は、私を越えてあります。そして、つまり、これらはglaive-collaredされた工場ごくつぶしでありません、これらは教養のある人々です、これらは専門家です。これは、我々がこのあたりで語っているブレーントラストです。」
他は、一方、一致しないようです。「本当の損失が、ここにありません」と、Jakunda Mishar(ダム-TorsadのIndenturee Rehabilitationのための独立したAgencyの上級熟練工)が言いました。「研究者は簡単に代理を務められます、そして、大部分の本当に欠くことのできないものは結局いずれにしろとどまることになります。また、あなたが9回目の生成であるならば、あなたが知っているあなた、あなたの両親とすべての祖先は帝国だけを知っていました。共和国は、これらの人々への遠くでこわがらせる夢です。どこで、あなたは彼らが行きそうであると思いますか?」
かなりの従属人口による地域で最も特に、発表は帝国の地域で、混乱を引き起こしました。帝国の最大の従属植民地のいくつかの上で今日以前に外へ壊れて暴動を起こして小規模の、しかし、 Holdersは皇后陛下の命令に先立って通知されて、彼らが拡大する前に、大部分は問題を甦らせるために十分だった追加的な保安対策で準備されました。
同様に、新しく自由なMinmatarがかなりの数でデモ行進したので、高い生成奴隷人口による地域は大規模な祝賀への証言でした。これらの地域のいくつかに、皇后陛下Jamyl Iを表している間に合わせの像と他のアートワークは立てられたか、さもなければ持ってこられましたに、そして、彼女の名前は広く詠唱されて、多数の間で合唱しました。
コメントは他の国の何からもまだ間に合いませんでしたのニューエデンはKhanid II王から短い発表のために彼が皇后陛下を「より強い帝国の方へ大きに進歩することについて賞賛した今日の午後を取っておきます。」

  • 先日即位したAmarrの皇后様が奴隷解放宣言?したってことでちょっと混乱してるってことでしょうか。
  • よくわかってないのですが、バックストーリー的にかなりでかい出来事っぽい感じが。

12.23.2008 Amarr Empire announces capture of former Chamberlain. Edit

(2008.12.23付 Amarr帝国発表、元チェンバレンの逮捕)

The Imperial Throne this morning released a statement which claims Dochuta Karsoth, former Chamberlain of the Amarr Empire, has been apprehended.
According to the release, Karsoth, who defected from the Empire during the Elder invasion earlier this year, had been sheltered by Blood Raider allies in the time since. He was captured by elite Khanid squadrons during the aftermath of one of the Khanid’s attacks on Blood Raider holdings last Sunday. The building where the former chamberlain was being sheltered, a Blood Raider arms facility on a moon in the Anath system, was captured in the attack, and Karsoth himself apprehended elsewhere on the moon approximately 17 hours later.
The statement went on to express the Empress’s gratitude to King Khanid II. “He [Khanid] has done Amarr a great service,” it read. “Long shall be remembered this favor rendered at such a time of need, and generous in turn shall be the hand of Amarr.”
It is unknown at this time whether Royal Khanid Navy High Command had foreknowledge of the former chancellor’s whereabouts, but there is a good deal of speculation among experts that Sunday’s attacks may have been at least partially motivated by such information. Neither the Royal Khanid Navy nor the Royal Palace on Khanid have commented on these allegations thus far.
The announcement of Karsoth’s capture, meanwhile, has been met with mostly silent approval by the people of the Empire. “It should be no surprise that people aren’t dancing in the streets,” said Pyros Ram-Sotat, a popular director of Imperial indoctrination holoreels and frequent commentator on national affairs, in an interview this afternoon. “This man basically ran roughshod over the Empire, sullied its good name and left it wide open to defeat and humiliation. We don’t want to be reminded of him. We just want to see him gone.”
The Imperial Throne has announced that the Empress will give a special nationwide address on the afternoon of the 25th, where she is widely expected to make a comment on the matter.


リリースによるとKarsoth(その人は今年始エルダー侵入の間、帝国から亡命)は時間にBlood Raiderによって同盟国を保護されました。彼は、この前の日曜日にBlood Raider所蔵品へのKhanidの攻撃のうちの1つの余波の間、精鋭Khanid戦隊によって捕らえられました。元侍従(Anathシステムの月の上のBlood Raider武器機能)がかくまわれていた建物は攻撃において占領されました、そして、Karsothはおよそ17時間後に月で彼自身どこか他の所をとらえました。
声明は、皇后陛下の感謝をKhanid II王に伝え続けました。「彼[Khanid]は、Amarrにすごく尽くしました」と、それが読みました。「長い時間は記憶されています必要のそのような時間状態にあって、順番に気前がよくなるこの支持が、Amarr.の手です」
王立Khanid Navy High Commandには前首相の所在の事前情報があったかどうかはこの時に知られていません、しかし、多くの推測が日曜日の攻撃がそのような情報によって少なくとも部分的に動機づけされたかもしれない専門家の間です。王立Khanid海軍もロイヤル宮殿Khanidも、ここまで載ってこれらの申し立てについてコメントしませんでした。
Karsothの捕獲の発表は、一方、帝国の人々によって、大部分は無言の承認で応じられました。「人々が通りで踊っていないことは、思いもかけないことであってはいけません」と、インタビューの Pyros Ram-Sotat(帝国教化holoreelsの人気の責任者と国事に関するお得意様の解説者)が今日の午後言いました。「この男性は、基本的に帝国の上に悪辣に走って、その信用を汚して、それを敗北と屈辱にさらされたままにしました。我々は、彼を思い出したくありません。我々は、ちょうど彼が行ったのを見たいです。」

  • 21日のKhanid戦闘の結果、こんなんなりましたという内容かな?。

21.12.2008 Royal Khanid Navy releases statement on Blood Raider attacks. Edit

(2008.12.21付 Blood Raider攻撃についてのKhanid王室所属海軍発表声明)

Royal Khanid Navy Grand Admiral Zidares Khanid this morning released a statement claiming that Khanid Kingdom forces yesterday attacked thirty-three separate Blood Raider Covenant targets – ranging from unmanned installations to fully-defended outposts – in what the release terms “an effort to strike a blow against the spreading blight of willful heresy.”


国王のKhanid Navy Grand Admiral Zidares Khanidは今朝、
Khanid王国軍隊が昨日33の別々のBlood Raider Covenant目標を攻撃したと主張している記載をリリースした – 無人の施設から完全に守られた最先端にわたること – リリースが「故意の異教の広がっている障害に打撃をぶつける努力」と呼ぶもので。


The Admiral’s statement went on to detail the statistics of yesterday’s conflicts, some of which are reportedly still raging. Among the largest were a one-hundred-battleship-strong attack on a major Covenant outpost in an undisclosed location, where the report states that over twenty thousand Khanid soldiers were killed, and a three-pronged attack on a critical Covenant arms production facility which resulted in the destruction of the facility and the deaths of over fifty-five thousand people, the Khanid’s and the Covenant’s alike.




Questioned about the swift and ferocious nature of the attacks, Admiral Zidares responded: “The Blood Raiders have been a thorn in our side for years, and we felt that now was the time to make a coordinated effort to strike back and weaken them. Our intel had indicated to us that certain weaknesses were developing, and now was the right time to exploit them.”




Overall, approximately a hundred thousand Khanid are believed to have lost their lives in yesterday’s attacks, and several thousand more are missing in action or believed captured by Blood Raider forces. Battles still rage at a number of sites, and auxiliary forces are being sent in for support and rescue operations. It is unclear at this stage precisely how great an effect the attacks have had on the Covenant’s operations.


全体として、およそ10万のKhanidは昨日の攻撃において彼らの命を失ったと思われています、そして、数千はより戦闘中行方不明であるか、Blood Raider軍隊によって捕えられて信じました。戦いはまだいくつかのサイトに激怒します、そして、補助軍隊は支持と救援活動のために送り込まれています。攻撃がCovenantの活動の上に持った影響がどれくらい大きいかは、正確に現段階で不明です。

  • Khanid VS BLOOD Raiders海賊のバックストーリー的なアナウンス。
  • 後出しで何かの伏線に使われることもあるので一応記載。

phishing email claiming to be from ccp(フィッシング詐欺メールがCCPから来るクレームがあった。) Edit

reported by CCP Navigator | 2008.12.21 17:16:47

There is currently a phishing email circulating that claims to be sent from EVE Customer Support. This email claims that we had a database issue and lost some customer information and it asks you to login to make sure your information is still there. They conveniently provide their very own login link. This is of course not true; we have not lost any account information.
We'd also like to add that our knowledge when it comes to English grammar and spelling is far better than what is in the phishing email.

現在、EVE Customer Supportを自称するフィッシング詐欺メールがあるようです。

  • よくある詐欺ですが、英語が苦手な方は引っかかる可能性が。
  • 少しでもおかしいな?と思ったら公式にPetition等して確認をしましょう。

update regarding the starbase exploit(スターベースによるインチキ行為の対策UPDATE) Edit

reported by GM Grimmi | 2008.12.11 13:29:29

On December 7th 2008, a date which will live in infamy, a petition from a concerned player alerted us to a serious problem with Starbase reactors. The petition had been filed five days earlier, a far longer waiting time than we can accept with our current queue status and we have now taken measures to fix that. We immediately started investigating the issue and found that there was indeed a problem and that it was being exploited to gain unfair advantages.


We discovered seven corporations with multiple Starbases set up for the express purpose of exploiting the issue. Three of those corporations were members of two alliances. We took immediate action against the offenders and banned over 70 accounts and destroyed all the Starbases run by the corporations in question. All the offending corporations are now effectively inactive as a result of our actions.


The corporations were producing high end materials for T2 production. Working with the Research & Statistics team we have established that the effects on the markets have been considerable and far reaching. The effects of our actions against the exploiters will also be felt on the market as the production of the materials has been cut substantially. However, supply should increase again once players have mastered the alchemy process.


We are still conducting operations to deal with this matter and we will keep you posted on the progress and results as things develop.


Update: This matter will be brought up at a CSM and CCP meeting this upcoming weekend.
Update: (12/19/2008)


Here is an update on the investigation into the Starbase reactor exploit that we are currently conducting:


1. CCP has confirmed that this bug has been exploitable since February 2007. Changes to the Starbases code from launch until February 2007 are minimal and very unlikely to have caused the bug. So at this point we are working on the assumption that this bug has been exploitable since the release of player owned structures on November 24th, 2004. We will therefore focus solely on looking at Starbases data in order to determine who has been using this exploit, and for how long.
2. CCP has been able to restore older databases that show us that the bug has been exploited since at least January this year, but at a lower scale than in the last few months. The players involved then were the same ones that we found and banned recently. We are now working on restoring data from 2006 which will take us several days. It is uncertain if we will be able to have answers on that before holiday vacations.
3. CCP has been able to access data from our old petition system. We have been unable to confirm that a petition was filed in 2004, 2005 or 2006 pointing out this bug with Starbases. We urge anyone with information on who and when a petition on this issue was filed to contact us directly through the petition system under the Exploit Category. Alternatively, an email sent to [email protected] with details on the matter would be much appreciated.
4. The full investigation will take several weeks. CCP will be in direct contact with the CSM to discuss this issue and we will provide information to the community as it becomes available.
5. We have done a thorough investigation on our staff members and CSM members and found no links to this exploit.
6. Our actions so far have included the eradication of 178 starbases that were exploiting this issue. Some had multiple reactors running in the bugged state. We have also banned all those we have found directly involved and all accounts we have found to be connected to those players. The investigation is still under way and will take a while to conclude.


We will continue to work hard to understand the overall impact of this exploit and how widespread it was. We ask for your patience until more information becomes available.
Please discuss this news in this forum thread.

  • スターベース(いわゆるPOS)バグ利用のインチキ行為対策の内容です。
  • これについては個人BLOGのふわふわさんがわかりやすく訳を書いてくれています。(個人的にいつも感謝!)

snowstorm hits ccp, clone stations report unusual objects.(吹雪がccpを直撃、クローンステーションに変わった物を置いてった。) Edit

reported by CCP Fallout | 2008.12.19 16:00:18

As some of you may have heard, a freak snowstorm hit our server room earlier this morning causing a brief, extended downtime.
While we were able to minimize the effects of the storm on our hardware, our current estimates is that the effects of said storm will be in effect until downtime January 6, 2009. Capsuleers should be advised that their clone stations may have been affected by the snowstorm. Again, we are aware of the issue, and hope that you enjoy this burst of winter in New Eden.


あなた方の何人かが 聞いたかもしれないように、気紛れな吹雪は前に今朝簡潔で、拡張している休止時間を引き起こしながら、私たちのサーバ部屋を見舞いました。 私たちはそうでしたが、私たちのハードウェア、私たちの現状見積金額への嵐の効果を最小にすることができるのは、前述の嵐の効果が2009年1月6日の休止時間まで有効になるということです。 Capsuleersはそれらのクローンステーションが吹雪で影響を受けたかもしれないと忠告されるべきです。 一方、問題を意識していて、あなたがNewエデンでの冬のこの炸裂を楽しむことを願っています。

  • クリスマス企画の雪球の前振りニュースです。1月6日まで保管できるそうです。

eve tv looking for alliance tournament advertisments.(アライアンストーナメントEVE-TV 協賛(広告)募集) Edit

reported by CCP Fallout | 2008.12.19 15:53:14 [#c59ae215]

As in the past, we are offering advertising slots for players to use during the live broadcast of the Alliance Tournament finals.
These advertisements will be played between studio and in-game feeds and will reach a massive live audience of EVE players.
Simply put: this is the biggest ad space available for EVE players and yet again it will cost you absolutely nothing to submit an advertisement.
Read the instructions below and submit your advertisement!


過去のように、私たちはプレーヤーがAlliance Tournament決勝の生中継の間に使用する広告スロットを提供しています。 これらの広告は、スタジオとゲームにおける給送の間でプレーされて、EVEプレーヤーの大規模な生の視聴者に届くでしょう。 単に以下を置いてください。 これはEVEプレーヤーに利用可能な最も大きい広告スペースですが、一方、あなたは何も広告を提出するものをそれに絶対に費やさないでしょう。


General Rules
All video and audio material must be EVE-related!
All music and sound effects must be from EVE Online. Due to copyright issues, we cannot and will not accept anything else. This is not negotiable.
The item/service being advertised must be EVE-related.
The advertisement must be suitable for all ages (no swearing/nudity).
Content must be respectable (no attack ads) and suitable for broadcast.
We have the final say on these issues - if your video is rejected we will say why and your welcome to try to fix it.


全ての音楽と音響効果はEVE Online由来のものであること。


Technical Rules
1024x576 Resolution,
1:1 aspect ratio. This is very important: advertisements will be rejected if in any other format.
30 Seconds long max.
WMV, AVI, and MOV are acceptable formats.
Video quality is more important than file size. That said: don't make a 30-second long 2 gb file, please.




Copyright issues repeated
This comes up every time so this will be the final ruling and comment regarding copyright issues:
All audio must be from EVEOnline the game, this includes music and sound effects. The only exception is recording your own voice. All Video must be in-game or of your own creation completely.




As mentioned above, you can use any of EVE's music and sound effects as well as any music by RealX.




Submissions will not be accepted after 4 February 2009. To enter your submission, mail your advertisment link to [email protected] Do not attach a file to your email.
More information regarding this can be found in the following thread.
Good luck to everyone!


[email protected]へのadvertismentリンクを郵送してください。

  • 次のアライアンストーナメントをEVETVで放送する際のCM動画募集要項です。
  • 実は海外在住邦人のPV製作DIRECTORが大手のアライアンスに所属しているそうで、意外と有名な動画の製作者だったりするそうです。