Mission/1 to 10/Exploration

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注意:この記事は現時点の 10 連 Mission の内容と一部異なる場合があります。

On-Board Scanning (オンボードスキャナー) 1 to 5

Excellent, your first task will be to undock in a ship and get yourself ready to explore. It dosen't matter what ship you choose: every vessel comes equipped with an On-Board Scanner, so you can pick whatever you like.

Your ship's On-Board Scanner is able to scan large areas of space and detect Cosmic Anomalies.

What is a cosmic anomaly? Anything unusual, anything that stands out in all that empty vacuum. A hidden space station for example... that's the sort of thing that will show up on your scanners as an anomaly. Of course, the only sort of people to hide things out in deep space tend to be outlaws, so you should treat every anomaly with caution.

Once you are in space, your job is to use your ship's On-Board scanner to locate one of these places. You are looking for a specific anomaly called an "Anomaly Training Site". There are several hidden away inside this solar system, although Cosmic Anomalies are most commonly found close to planets and moons.

Once you have scanned the anomaly, you will be able to warp to it. I will have further instructions for you once you've made it that far. You needn't worry about combat ahead either -- we've already cleared all of the hostile ships from these particular hidden areas. You only task is to find one of them.

目的: Anomaly Traning Site(特異点訓練サイト) を探索し、1 Proof of Discovery(発見の証拠) を持ち帰る
報酬: Survey(調査) スキル本
ボーナス: お金

Station を出て Scanner→Scanner Probe Window(デフォルトだとALT+Pでも開ける)を開く。
Scan results に現れた Anomaly Traning Site を右クリックし、 Warp すると、飛んだ先に Training Contaner - Anomalies(トレーニングコンテナ)が浮かんでいるので、中から Proof of Discovery を持ち帰る。(Proof of Discovery は取ると消えるが、しばらく待つと何回でも沸く。)
戦闘は無いが、誤って通常の Anomary Site へ飛ぶと NPC 海賊がいる場合があるので注意。

※3/5以降の Mission で Astrometrics (天文位置測量) Lv1 スキルが必要になる。マーケットで購入して覚えておこう。
(※前提スキルに Science Lv3 が必要)

On-Board Scanner による探査方法

An Introduction to Cosmic Signatures (コズミックシグネチャ) 2 to 5

Excellent. Before I send you off, here is a ship you will find useful for the assignment ahead. We'll be supplying you with various items along the way, so you need something with a well-sized cargo bay.

Once you arrive, I'll be passing things over to a friend of mine, Rulie Isryn. She works for the Sisters of Eve as an advisor to capsuleers and will guide you through the area. Don't forget however, that you still need to report back to me, not her.

Good luck out there.

目的: 指示された場所へ飛び、トレーニングコースを修了する。
付与アイテム: 支援型フリゲート
報酬: お金
ボーナス: お金
Cosmic Signatures = 宇宙シグネチャ または コズミックシグネチャ(統一で翻訳されてないが、どちらも全く同じ)
Data : 「データ」サイト
Relic: 「遺物」サイト

Mission を受領すると Frigate を一隻貰える。(Gallente の場合 Navitas、CaldariではBantam、AmarrではTormentor、Minmatarでは Burst)
指示された場所へ飛ぶと、Mission をくれたのと別の Agent のウインドウが開くので指示に従う。

  1. Acceleration Gate を使って Warp する。
  2. Exploration Supplies から Core Probe Launcher I と Core Scanner Probes I を取得する。(次以降の Mission で使用する。) 取得したら Acceleration Gate で Warp する。
  3. 以降は探索サイトの紹介。Accereration Gate で Warp して説明を受ける、という事を何度か繰り返して終了。
    報告は Mission をくれた Agent に行う。

Data Site Scanning (データサイトのスキャン) 3 to 5

So far you've proven you can discover a Cosmic Anomaly with the On-Board Scanner and that you understand in basic terms the difference between Cosmic Signatures. Now we're going to retread the steps you just took in more detail and have you properly scan down one of each signature type. This will demonstrate to us that you not only have an understanding of the different signatures, but also the skill to find each of them. If you haven't begun training for the use of Core Scanner Probes, then you should start as soon as possible. Remember -- you can only find Cosmic Signatures by using Core Scanner Probes.

Your first task is to discover a Gravimetric signature somewhere inside this system. You will only find the target site in here, so don't waste your time searching anywhere else. This is not a real asteroid cluster you are looking for, (YOUR NAME), it is another controlled training environment, so there will be no hostile vessels inside and the asteroids themselves cannot be mined for profit. It is hidden though, just like a real one would be, and will need to be scanned down. This won't be easy, (YOUR NAME). Expect a much harder challenge than On-Board scanning. I'm confident you'll get the hang of it eventually though, just be patient and I'm confident you'll find the site. Once you have managed that, your only task is to recover another "Proof of Discovery" document from inside. It will serve as physical evidence that you discovered the area.

Take this passkey with you when you begin your exploration, you will need to access the second room of the area with the "Proof of Discovery" documents inside. Obviously, we only want capsuleers-in-training to be able to get that far.

目的: Data Training Site を探索し、1 Proof of Discovery: Data を持ち帰る
報酬: Hacking スキル本
ボーナス: お金

前の Mission で入手した Core Probe Launcher を装備し、LauncherにCore Scanner Probes を装填しておく。また、Civilian Data Analyzerも装備。

Station を出たら、Scanner→Scanner Probe Window(デフォルトだとALT+Pでも開ける)を開く。
Core Scanner Probe をピンポイントフォーメーションで射出し、スキャン範囲を調節しながらANALYZE し、Scan results の Group が Data のものを絞り込んでいき、Data Training Siteを探し出す。
(※Core Scanner Probes IはAstrometrics (天文位置測量) スキルがLv1あれば、8個展開できる。)
Warp できるまで Site の場所を絞り込んだら、ANALYZE の隣の RECOVER ACTIVE PROBES(プルーブを回収する) をクリックして、射出した Probe を呼び戻す。
※戻ってきた Probe は Cargohold にバラバラに格納される。

SiteにTraining Container - Data が浮かんでいるので、これをターゲットし、「Civilian Data Analyzer」でHacking、中から Proof of Discovery: Data を持ち帰る。

Station 付近で探索に引っ掛からなければ、Planet(惑星)や Moon(衛星)の近くで探索してみましょう。

Probe による探査方法

Relic Site Scanning (遺物サイトスキャニング) 4 to 5

Your next assignment is to find a Magnetometric site - a unique type of hidden area. Your Core Scanner Probes are able to detect traces of ancient ruins and abandoned complexes -- these are known as Magnetometric signatures - and this is what you must find. In order to reap the rewards of a Magnetometric site, capsuleers must train to use two different modules. The first are Analyzers, special modules which can examine ancient structures and recover anything of value from them, such as ancient production components and blueprints.

This is only half of what a Magnetometric site offers, however. As you might expect, anywhere with ancient ruins or abandoned facilities might also have some valuable salvager modules has many uses, one of which is to allow a capsuleer to sift amongst wreckages and recover valuable components.

Once inside the area, you should find two different containers. One of them requires an Analyzer to access, the other requires a salvager, both of these items will be provided to you in the tutorial that comes after your acceptance of this mission. Inside each of these container types, you will find the "Proof of Discovery" document you need to pass this section of your training. We'll teach you how to use these new items, but for now, just focus on fitting your ship properly and scanning down the site.

Further instructions will be provided once you've made it that far, expect some more transmissions from our friend in the Sisters of Eve.

目的: Relic Training Site を探索し、1 Proof of Discovery: Relic を持ち帰る
報酬: Archaeologyスキル本
ボーナス: お金

前々回のMissionで受領したCivilian Relic Analyzer (民間人仕様遺物アナライザー)を装備しておく。

Station を出て、前回の Data Site Scanning と同様に、Relic Training Site を探索する。
Site に飛ぶと、 Training Container - Relic が浮かんでいる。
Containerは Civilian Relic Analyzer を使ってHacking。成功すると、小さなContainerが射出されるので、これを左クリック。Proof of Discovery: Relic が入手できる。これを持ち帰り。

参考までに、Civilian Relic Analyzer (民間人仕様遺物アナライザー)も、
Balancing the Books (帳尻合わせ) (7 of 10)で、

Gas Site Scanning (ガスサイトスキャニング) 5 to 5

Your next assignment is to scan down a Radar site. Core Scanner probes can detect areas of increased electronic activity, these show as Radar signatures.
Research facilities, data storage banks -- these are the sorts of things you can expect a Radar signature to represent. More often than not, there will be hostile vessels around to guard all of that valuable data too, so always expect resistance in sites like these.

The materials you can recover in a Radar site can be quite valuable. They are all used during invention -- a research process that produces blueprints for advanced Tech II ships and modules. Even if you're not a scientist yourself, the materials can be sold on for a tidy profit. In order to recover valuable data and schematics from a Radar site though, you need to train in the use of a Codebreaker. Codebreakers allow you to bypass electronics systems, or even disable them entirely. For this mission, you will be using a Civilian Codebreaker. We'll provide one in the tutorial that displays on your NeoCom after you've accepted the assignment.

You should know the drill by now -- once you've scanned down the Radar signature, there will be a container inside. It can only be unlocked by using the Civilian Codebreaker. Inside you will find the "Proof of Discovery" documents needed to pass this section of the training program.

目的: Gas Traning Site を探索し、 1 Proof of Discovery: Gas を持ち帰る
報酬: Frigate 1隻 (Gallente の場合 Imicus、Caldariでは Heron、Amarrでは Magnate、Minmatarでは Probe)
ボーナス: お金

ミッションを受領すると、1 Proof of Discovery: Gas Passkey が貰えるので、必ずCargohold に入れておく。
Station を出て、Relic Training Site と同様に、Gas Training Site を探索する。
Site に飛ぶと、Acceleration Gate があるので Warp する。このとき、Passkey が無いと飛べないので注意。
Warp 先に Training Container - Gas が浮かんでいるので、中から Proof of Discovery: Gas を持ち帰る。


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