King Puff

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Lv1TRICK SWAP自身のデッキの中にTrick Swapを1枚追加する
Lv2KING BUFF自身のCost4~5のミニオンカードにShieldRageをランダムに付与する
Lv3BRIDGE SHIELD片方の橋をマーク。その橋が取れている間、味方マスターへのダメージを0にする

Trick Swap(スペル) マナコスト:0

  • 橋の上にいるミニオンの位置を入れ替る。
  • 入れ替えてから4秒間、敵のミニオンはスタンする。


Puffs are small legendary creatures that bring happiness and amazingness to all who meet them! They live in between the fabric of reality and can puff in and out of existence as they see fit.
Nobody knows why this one is dressed as a king, or why his favorite weapon is throwing old pans and pieces of cheese at the opponent, but his magic is definitely powerful.
Manipulating time and space, the King Puff can use Trick Swap to move enemies about the battlefield while he summons smaller Puffs to aid him. Beware his magic, for it can make him impervious to damage as long as he controls a bridge.




お名前: URL B I U SIZE Black Maroon Green Olive Navy Purple Teal Gray Silver Red Lime Yellow Blue Fuchsia Aqua White
  • king puffのビルドに最初からshield持ちが入ってることが多いけどshield持ってるとrage確定とかあるんです? -- 2020-06-22 (月) 19:19:34

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