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ISD: Interstellar Services Department
ISD (星間保安師団)


A Department of CONCORD
CONCORD の一部門*1


The Admiral closed the holo-conference connection and glanced out the window. Darkness had fallen and two of New Caldari’s moons had risen.


暗闇に New Caldari の二つの月が浮かんでいた。*2


“Continue personal journal,” the Admiral said. A small flashing icon appeared in the bottom corner of the holographic display.




“The divisional leaders’ meeting this evening was productive, not all good news, but productive. STAR is reporting an increase in new pilots coming out of the various academies and an increased workload. I wish the academies would give a bit more real-life training instead of simulations. Piloting a Mammoth in a system with a lower CONCORD presence is much different than racing a souped-up Burst between here and Matigu. STAR needs more personnel to give these new pilots the assistance they need.”


CONCORDの影響力が弱い星系で Mammoth を操縦するのは、チューンアップした Burst でこことMatigu*4の間を競争するのとは訳が違うのだからね。


‘The Communications Relay Commission is reporting an increase in faster-than-light message traffic. Their fluid routers are handling the load fine, but a slight increase in funding and resources may need to be considered in the near future. Spurious and illegal traffic is declining due to their efforts and some activity has been turned over to the SCC for further action. There are going to be some very annoyed CEOs and CFOs enjoying some time in the penal colonies.”


「Communications Relay Commission(通信中継部門*5 )は超光速通信量の増大を報告してきた。


There was a knock at the door. The icon on the screen remained steady at the Admiral’s “Pause recording” prompt. “Enter,” the Admiral called out. An aide de camp walked into the room carrying a black striped folder.




“Sir, AURORA is reporting an increase in Angel Cartel activity in Curse.” The aide passed the folder over to the Admiral to look through. Graphs of souls lost, ships and cargo destroyed, projected economic impact to trade in the region and other information was dispersed through dossiers of Cartel agents, activity reports and intelligence.


「長官、AURORA*7が Curse 領域における Angel Cartel の活動増大を報告しております。」
失われた人命、破壊された船や積荷、算出された経済打撃、その他の情報がAngel Cartel工作員の活動報告に関する書類に分散して表示されていた。


“Forward AURORA’s sanitized findings to DED for action. Make sure the intelligence is clean. We don’t want to lose another AURORA agent. Don’t make the same mistake your predecessor made.” The Admiral handed the folder back.


「AURORAで整理した所見を DED へ転送したまえ。情報は綺麗でなければならん。


No, Sir! The information will be clean with no possible ties to our sources.” The aide tucked the folder under his arm, saluted and left the room.








The record icon on the holo-screen started flashing again. “The boys in the Technology Division want a closer look at the Transcranial Microcontrollers and see if there are any manufacturing ties to the Sansha devices. I have to agree with the Bug Hunters, the Inner Circle made too quick a decision on their usage. The Bug Hunters are also working on some other issues, the notification after a successful jump installed in the last pod flightware upgrade caused some pilots migraines and they got that removed quick enough. They bust some major butt working on these things.”


「技術部門は製造過程に Sansha のデバイスと何かしらの関連性があるのではないか、とTranscranial Microcontrollers(経頭蓋マイクロコントローラー*8 )の詳しい検証をしたがっている。
私もこの件に関してBug Hunters*9に賛同せざるを得ない。Inner Circle*10から使用許可が下りるのがあまりにも早すぎる。
Bug Huntersは他にもいくつかの問題について取り組んでいる。


The Admiral paused for a moment and rubbed his eyes. The record icon continued to flash next to the clock. “End personal journal, bookmark and close all files, shut down. Time to head home.” The holo-projectors blinked and went dark.





*1 ちなみに、公式フォーラムの管理などを行うボランティアのサポートチームも ISD の名で呼ばれる。というより そちらが本業 。
*2 Kimotoro constellation/The Forge region。なお、第4惑星New Caldari Primeは3つの月を持つ。
*3 Support Team And Resources: サポートチーム・資材部門。新人パイロットの教育を担当。公式のヘルプチャンネルを運営している。
*4 New Caldari星系第一惑星。「ここ」というのはおそらくCaldari Prime(同星系第四惑星)だから、確かにこれは相当ヌルい。
*5 略称CRC。超光速通信網の管理を担当。公式フォーラムの管理と動向分析を行っている。
*6 Secure Commerce Committee: 商取引保安委員会。CONCORDの下部組織で、星間貿易を取り仕切る中央機関。
*7 Auxiliary Union for Relay, Observation, Recording, & Analysis: 中継、観測、記録および分析のための支援組織。情報分析を担当。ゲーム内イベントの運営管理を行っている。
*8 奴隷のコントロール等に使用される。奴隷制を認めない諸国からの反発にも関わらず、CONCORDは機器の使用を認可した。
*9 正式名はEquipment Certification and Anomaly Investigations Division (ECAID): 装備保証・異常検証部門。機械など装備の検証を担当。テストサーバーの管理を行っている。
*10 インナー・サークル(内陣)。CONCORDの最上位部門で、CONCORD全体の方針を決定する機関。