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Secure Commerce Commission


The world of EVE is moving ever closer to a fully integrated market economy, where the thousands of inhabited planets, moons, asteroids and their accompanying space stations are able to do business on a galactic scale. Today the world is divided into numerous market regions, most spanning several constellations. Wares being sold or sought after within the market region are accessible for trade anywhere within the region. The cornerstone of the market economy is the inter-stellar communication method coupled with a reliable and efficient way for striking a deal over long distance.


Before instantaneous communication from one star to another came into being, trading over long distances (between solar systems) was hazardous and time-consuming. Frauds and swindlers were in abundance, making trades with strangers highly risky. The time it took to find out what stations in nearby solar systems had on offer or demanded, plus the time it then took to strike a deal and ship the products to and fro, stifled space commerce so much that it was almost non-existent. Only the adventures were willing to risk their assets and even their lives by pursuing space trading, but the potential riches involved urged people on and made them yearn for a quicker, easier way to do business between the stars. Thus, once inter-stellar communication devices arrived they spread out like an epidemic and inter-stellar commerce quickly followed in their wake.
星と星の間で即時的にコミュニケーションをとる技術が現れる以前は、長距離 (星系*3間) を隔てた交易は、危険で時間のかかるものだった。そこには詐欺師やペテン師が溢れており、見知らぬ相手との交易は高いリスクを伴うものであった。近くの星系のステーションにどのような供給や需要があるのかを調べるのにかかる時間、さらにそれから取引を成立させ、品物をあちらこちらに動かす時間が、星間貿易の大きな障害となったため、このような貿易はほとんど存在しなかった。せいぜい投機家だけが、進んで私財と自らの命さえ投げ打って星間貿易に身を投じるようなものであったが、星間貿易に潜む富に引きつけられた人々は、より速く簡単に星間取引を行う方法を切望していたのだった。かくして、ひとたび星間通信デバイスが現れるや、それは疫病のように広まり、それに追随して星間取引も素早く拡大していった。


At first, inter-stellar commerce was conducted in a haphazard sort of way, giving the frauds ample opportunities to cash in on the optimistic and naïve traders. It quickly became clear that instant communication between solar systems alone could not keep commerce clean. Every empire responded on their own, setting trade regulations, hiring special commerce inspectors and setting up secure trade houses. These efforts managed to create a fairly safe trade environment.


But once constellations and other regions started to set up a regional market network, where traders were able to view everything for sale anywhere in the region and put their own items up for sale, there arose the need for a centralized agency responsible for inter-stellar commerce. This is where the SCC - Secure Commerce Committee - came into being. As a division within the CONCORD the SCC is jointly run by the empires and thus ensures a safe and universally regulated trade environment. A joint initiative of the Minmatar Republic and the Jovian Empire have also ensured that the SCC, although under the control of the empires through the CONCORD, acts under the strictest neutrality codes, the same as the InterBus and other empire-run institutions. This is to ensure that all dealings are not only secure, but also secret, with no chance of governmental interference. The unfortunate by-product of this is that those acting on the wrong side of the law can just as easily do business with each other as anyone else.
しかし、星系群や星域がひとたび星域市場のネットワークを構築しはじめ、交易商人が星域のどこからでも全ての売り注文を眺め、また自分の商材を売りに出すことができるようになると、星間取引に携わる中央集権型の機関を望む声が高まった。これによりSCC -商取引保安委員会- が発足した。CONCORDの一部門として、SCCは各国で共同して運営されることで、安全かつ統一的な取引環境を保証した。Minmatar共和国とJove帝国の共同イニシアチブもまた、SCCが、CONCORDを通した各国の統治下にありながらも、InterBusやその他の各国運営の機関と同様、厳格な中立法の下で行われることを保証した。これは、全ての取引が安全に行えるだけでなく、秘密の内に、政府による干渉の余地なく行えることを保証するものである。不幸にもこの副産物として、法の裏側で活動する者たちも、他の人々と同様、容易に取引を行えるようになってしまった。



*1 market regions
*2 constellations
*3 solar systems