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Recruit Training: Infantry


Extra military training paid off in a number of ways; infantry were more comfortable with their roles on the battlefield, weapon familiarity became second nature, and camaraderie was improved through more effective training exercises.

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With Extreme Difficulty

With Extreme Difficulty.png

German infantry anti-tank training stressed aggressive action in engaging enemy tanks. A variety of weapons both standard and field modified were used, including anti-tank guns of all calibers, Panzerfausts and Panzerschrecks, mines, Molotovs, pole charges, and grenades of several types. Smoke or anti-tank trenches were often employed to allow infantry to close with an enemy tank and destroy it.

Dont't Step on the Grass

15Mine Fieldを敷設を120回行う。Teller MineとMine Fieldの弾薬コストが3%減少する。
Teller AT Mineを15回敷設する。

Panzergrenadier Specialist


Infantry Production I

20Conscriptを100回生産する。Conscripts, Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiersの生産時間が10%短縮される。
Panzer Grenadierを60回生産する。

At the tip of the spear of any attack is the infantry. No other force can hold ground as effectively but no other arm of the land battle is so misunderstood in many ways. Less than 20% of those 'million man armies' were front line infantry, but they received a tragically disproportionate number of casualties. A typical German Grenadier battalion had about 715 men - 99 were front line soldiers.

A Tool for Every Occasion


Panzerfausts (“Tank Fist”) were issued infantry units of the German army in vast numbers – some allege a production run of nearly 7 million of the 5 service variants. The largest Panzerfausts could defeat over 200mm of armor, enough to destroy any tank in Allied service. The weapon’s ubiquity forced the Soviets to change tactics, allocating platoons of infantry to protect their tanks.

Officer Training: Infantry

Officer Training Infantry.png

Extra military training paid off in a number of ways; infantry were more comfortable with their roles on the battlefield, weapon familiarity became second nature, and camaraderie was improved through more effective training exercises.

Commando Style

45Kill 15 enemies with each of 25 different Panzergrenadier squads.Panzergrenadiersの命中率が3%上昇する。

Panzergrenadiers were able to bring large amounts of firepower to bear using their own light machine guns and variety of weapons carried by their half-tracks. Well trained soldiers were supported by mortars, heavy machine gun platoons, anti-tank sections, infantry guns, and self-propelled artillery. In effect, they could tackle any enemy - armored or otherwise - encountered on the battlefield.

Hold the Line

Hold the Line.png

German Pioneers with their years of combat experience had developed the craft of field defenses to an art form. Bunkers and trenches would be built in well protected areas with mutual and interlocking fields of fire. Attacking forces could rarely isolate single bunkers without coming under fire from other fortifications. No defensive line is impermeable so merely slowing an attack was the goal; time is a luxury on the battle field tat defenses could buy in spades.

Veteran Training: Infantry

Veteran Training Infantry.png

Veteran infantrymen had sometimes served in front line combat for years, eventually lerning when to temper aggressive action, when to give in to caution, how to avoid panic, and what it's like to gauge the feel of a battlefield and take stock of his enemy.

Sniper Hero

88Kill 25 enemies with each of 15 defferent German Snipers.Sniperのアーマー値が4%上昇する。

The German Army reinstated their sniper training programs in 1942 after being the receiving end of a Soviet training program that allegedly produced some 430,000 snipers and sharpshooters. German snipers were well trained with an emphasis on camouflage and concealment and the used specially manufactured rifle rounds and high quality optics for their fantastic rifles, meaning reliable kills out to 1000m.

Offense is the Best Defense

Offense is the Best Defense.png
Assault Grenadierの命中率が3%上昇する。

Someone Needs to Man those Guns!

Someone Needs to Man those Guns!.png

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