German Bulletins Light Vehicles

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Recruit Training: Halftrack

1なしSdKfz 251 Halr-trackとM5 Half trackのヘルスが2%上昇する。

Military vehicle designs underwent constant iterations through their production lifespans. Minor changes were made to make vehicles easier and cheaper to produce over time. Tactical familiarity also brought changes in the use of light vehicles through – mostly – trial and error.

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Sniper Hunter

5SdKfz 222 Scout Carで50人のSniperを倒す。SdKfz 221/222 Scout Carの主砲の射程が10%上昇する。

The SdKfz 221/222 had enough well-sloped armor to protect itself against most rifle and light machine gun rounds. As long as the crew did not expose themselves in the open-topped turret, the 222’s available 2cm autocannon could easily shred any infantry or snipers with a rate of fire that exceeded 300 rounds per minute. If that failed, there was always the coaxial MG.

It's Super Effective!

35SdKfz 222 Scout Carで200人のHMGの分隊員を倒す。SdKfz 221/222 Scout Carの命中率が5%上昇する。
SdKfz 222 Scout Carで200人のMortarの分隊員を倒す。

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