German Bulletins Mortars

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7GrW 34 8cm Mortarで50人のMortar teamの分隊員を倒す。GrW 34 8cm Mortarのベテランシー獲得速度が10%上昇する。

High value targets for mortars – in either attack or defense – include emplaced team weapons like machine guns and other mortars. Denying mortar coverage to the enemy could mean the difference between victory and defeat, and the forces that could silence their opponent's supporting weapons first were almost assured a victory.

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Mortar Production I

13GrW 34 8cm Mortarを60回生産する。GrW 34 8cm, PM-41 82mm, HM-38 120mm Mortarsの生産時間が10%短縮される。
PM-41 82mm Mortarを60回生産する。
HM-38 120mm Mortarを50回生産する。

Mortars are generally the only ‘organic’ indirect fire available to rifle regiments and are usually manned by the infantry as opposed to artillerymen. Dedicated heavy weapon sections and their officers were commanded with the tasks of siting the weapons for local attack or defense. These heavy weapon sections delivered a lot of the available firepower of an attacking rifle company.

Recruit Training: Mortar

Recruit Training Mortar.png
25なしPM-41 82mm MortarとGrW 34 8cm Mortarのオート射撃時の命中率が上昇する。

Mortars were not intended to be high accuracy weapons, instead relying on rate of fire and mass to deliver large amounts of fire relatively quickly. But a well trained mortar crew could be accurate enough – or lucky enough – to drop mortar rounds onto the lighter-armored tops of enemy vehicles.

Target Practice

Target Practice.png
39GrW 34 8cm Mortarで300人の歩兵を倒す。GrW 34 8cm Mortarのアビリティリチャージ速度が10%上昇する。

Mortar Hero

Mortar Hero.png
GrW 34 8cm Mortarのオート射撃時の命中率が上昇する。

Officer Training: Mortar

Officer Training Mortar.png
PM-41 82mm MortarとGrW 34 8cm Mortarの対装甲貫通率が4%上昇する。

Veteran Training: Mortar

Veteran Training Mortar.png
PM-41 82mm MortarとGrW 34 8cm Mortarのオート射撃時の命中率が上昇する。