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Resistances Edit

レジスタンス(抵抗、耐性)は、Fire、Cold、Lightning / All Elemental、Chaos、属性からダメージを減少します。
キャラクターのレジスタンスはCharacter panelのDefence から確認することができます。

スキルのPurity(Aura)、パッシブのElemental Adaptation、Unique items、等でレジスタンス増加や最大値を

レジスタンスは呪いや属性ダメージを無効にするUnique items、等で減少・無効することもできる。

Resistances are available on equipment, through passive skills, as a temporary buff from a flask, and from Endurance Charges (5% per charge). The "+% to All Resistances" stat grants resistance to all elements except Chaos. Chaos resistance is a separate stat, found on items and the passive skill tree. Complete chaos immunity is granted by the Chaos Inoculation keystone passive skill.


Resistance Penalties Edit

penalty to All Resistances (Chaos included)
・Normal: No penalty
・Cruel: -20% to All Resistances
・Merciless: -60% to All Resistances

Lightning Penetration: Ignores % of Lightning Resistance
Fire Penetration: Ignores % of Fire Resistance
Cold Penetration: Ignores % of Cold Resistance


Elemental Weakness: -% to All Resistances
Conductivity: -% to Lightning Resistance
Flammability: -% to Fire Resistance
Frostbite: -% to Cold Resistance


Theoretical Maximum Edit

Default 75%
Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire Flask* +10%
Elemental Adaptation +5%
Saffell's Frame +5%
Purity (lvl 20) +4%
Inner Force applied to Purity +1.2%
Inner Force applied to Flask* +3%
Total 103.2%

3.5-4.2 seconds for a specific element.


Resistance関連 Passives Edit


Passive-keystone-elementalequilibrium.pngElemental Equilibrium1Damageを与えた敵は一時的にその属性のRegistenceが+25%になり、それ以外の属性のRegistenceが-50%になる

Notable Passive

Elemental Adaptaion.JPGElemental AdaptaionFire,Cold,Lightning Resistance 上限を+5%増加
Diamond skin.JPGDiamond SkinAll Elemental Registenceが+15%増加