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Quest一覧 Edit

Act 1


Act 2

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Act 3


Quest報酬 Gems一覧 Edit

Quest Rewards - Google ドキュメント

Difficulty:Normal / Cruel / Merciless ごとにQuest報酬は異なる。


Normal (1周目)


Act 1TemplarShadowMarauderRangerDuelistWitch
Dying ExileGlacial HammerDouble StrikeHeavy StrikeBurning ArrowCleaveFireball
Enemy at the GateGround SlamDual StrikeGround SlamCleaveDual StrikeRaise Zombie
Ice NovaFire TrapCleaveDual StrikeBurning ArrowSpark
SparkFreezing PulseDual StrikeSplit arrowDouble StrikeFreezing Pulse
Mercy MissionRaise ZombieViper StrikeSweepPoison ArrowSweepIce Nova
Heavy StrikeRaise ZombieGlacial HammerFire TrapSplit ArrowFire Trap
SweepPoison ArrowBurning ArrowDouble StrikeFire TrapGlacial Hammer
FireballDetonate DeadGround SlamDetonate DeadHeavy StrikeDetonate Dead
Ice NovaFire TrapCleaveDual StrikePoison ArrowSpark
SparkFreezing PulseDual StrikeCleaveDouble StrikeFreezing Pulse
Breaking some EggsFirestormWhirling BladesInfernal BlowViper StrikeShield ChargeFirestorm
Infernal BlowEthereal KnivesShield ChargeWhirling BladesRain of ArrowsCold Snap
Decoy TotemBear TrapDecoy TotemRain of ArrowsDecoy TotemIce Spear
Shield ChargeCold SnapBear TrapBear TrapViper StrikeEthereal Knives
Raise ZombieViper StrikeSweepPoison ArrowSweepIce Nova
Heavy StrikeIce SpearGlacial HammerIce ShotIce ShotRaise Zombie
SweepPoison ArrowRain of ArrowsDouble StrikeFire TrapGlacial Hammer
FireballDetonate DeadFireballShield ChargeHeavy StrikeDetonate Dead
A Dirty Job2 Skill Refund Points
Dweller of the Deep1 Skill Point
A Caged BruteTempest ShieldPunctureLeap SlamLightning ArrowLeap SlamTempest Shield
Lightning StrikeShock NovaMolten ShellPunctureLightning ArrowPower Siphon
Molten ShellClarityLightning ArrowHatredHatredShock Nova
Summon SkeletonsFlicker StrikeAngerFlicker StrikeFlicker StrikeSummon Skeletons
AngerSummon SkeletonsShockwave TotemWhirling BladesShockwave TotemWrath
Shockwave TotemWrathLightning StrikeSummon SkeletonsPunctureClarity
Infernal BlowWhirling BladesShield ChargeViper StrikeShield ChargeFirestorm
Shield ChargePower SiphonDecoy TotemWrathLightning StrikeIce Spear
The Marooned Mariner1 Skill Point
The Siren's CadenceAdded Lightning DamageAdded Cold DamageAdded Fire DamageFaster ProjectilesAdded Fire DamageAdded Lightning Damage
Weapon Elemental DamageForkLife Gain on HitAdded Cold DamageAdded Cold DamageFork
Minion LifeIncreased Critical DamageAdditional AccuracyForkLife Gain on HitMinion Life
The Way Forward1 Skill Point

Cruel (2周目)


Merciless (3周目)


Quest Difficulty(Rewards Table) Edit


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