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方針 Edit

  • 人名、(架空の)地名などはアルファベット表記のまま。
  • 口調を統一する。
  • 新規ページを作る際のページ名は「翻訳/○○○(ミッション名)」(ページの階層化のため)
  • PDAの「Brief」で確認できる会話文を中心に訳していく。区切り方もBriefと同じに。

メインミッション Edit

Mission No.Title
Mission 1Yu Jian
Mission 2Pursuit Farce
Mission 3Under the Gun
Mission 4Payback
Mission 5The Wheelman
Mission 6Trick of the Triad
Mission 7Natural Burn Killer
Mission 8Recruitment Drive
Mission 9Pimp His Ride
Mission 10Whack the Racers
Mission 11Jackin' Chan
Mission 12Stealing the Show
Mission 13Flatliner
Mission 14Bomb Disposal
Mission 15Carpe 'Dime'
Mission 16Store Wars
Mission 17Raw Deal
Mission 18Driven to Destruction
Mission 19The Tow Job
Mission 20The Tail Bagging the Dogs
Mission 21Trail Blazer
Mission 22Copter Carnage
Mission 23Kenny Strikes Back
Mission 24Weapons of Mass Distraction
Mission 25Street of Rage
Mission 26Missed the Boat?
Mission 27Cash & Burn
Mission 28Dragon Haul Z
Mission 29Sa-Boat-Age
Mission 30The Offshore OffLoad
Mission 31The Fandom Menace
Mission 32Counterfeit Gangster
Mission 33One Shot, One Kill
Mission 34Operation Northwood
Mission 35Slaying with Fire
Mission 36Torpedo Run
Mission 37So Near, Yet Sonar
Mission 38By Myriads of Swords
Mission 39A Shadow of Doubt
Mission 40Friend or Foe?
Mission 41Grave Situation
Mission 42Double Trouble
Mission 43Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!
Mission 44Scrambled
Mission 45Steal the Wheels
Mission 46Arms Out of Harm's Way
Mission 47The Wages of Hsin
Mission 48Convoy Conflict
Mission 49The World's a Stooge
Mission 50Evidence Dash
Mission 51Oversights
Mission 52A Rude Awakening
Mission 53See No Evil
Mission 54Wi-Find
Mission 55Rat Race
Mission 56Clear the Pier
Mission 57Hit from the Tong
Mission 58Salt in the Wound
Mission 59Deadly Xin
Mission 60Xin of the Father

メール Edit

Wu 'Kenny' LeeVisit me soon.
Wu 'Kenny' LeeFor this, I will not stand!
Wu 'Kenny' LeeCash Flow.
Chan JaomingThe future…
Wu 'Kenny' LeeTrading.
Zhou MingA great opportunity for you...
Wu 'Kenny' LeeWarehouse purchase
Zhou MingProfit share.
Zhou MingIs this wisdom?
Chan JaomingForgive and forget.
Wu 'Kenny' LeeMoving up in the world.
Chan JaomingMoving up.
Wade HetonInitiating our partnership
Wade HetonRestocking the larder
Wu 'Kenny' LeePick your enemy carefully.
Wade HetonIf you're still alive, look me up.
Wu 'Kenny' LeeSuccess!
Wade HetonBug planted!
Wade HetonWe got your results!
Wade HetonNeed help now!
Wu 'Kenny' LeeExplain yourself!
Chan JaomingKenny's loss is my gain.
Wu 'Kenny' LeePunishment and Reward.
Zhou MingGreat times ahead.
Wu 'Kenny' LeeBe Alert
Zhou MingMore proof I should be the ...
Chan JaomingHelp required - urgent!
Wade HetonTaking care of business.
Chan JaomingPre-emptive Revenge!
Wade HetonVital statistics.
Wade HetonSome shit made it ashore.
Zhou MingIdiots.
Hsin JaomingCome here.
Wu 'Kenny' LeeBe on your guard.
Hsin JaomingRatholes!
Hsin JaomingLoyalty...
LesterHsin said to contact you
Hsin JaomingLedgers.
Rudy D'AvanzoSalute!
Wu 'Kenny' LeeThis should help you.
Wade HetonGot it!
Rudy D'AvanzoIt's time to move.
Wade HetonSorry
Hsin JaomingWMD...
Hsin JaomingWhat are you doing - you li...
Hsin JaomingThreats...
Wade HetonShit + Fan is no fun for yo...
LesterPrivate time
Rudy D'AvanzoSee you soon?
LesterMeredith delivered big time
Hsin JaomingRat?
Wade HetonNeed to move quickly.
Wade HetonGot it!
Wu 'Kenny' LeeUrgent!
Wu 'Kenny' LeeTrapped rat.
Wu 'Kenny' LeeOur noble duty.
Wade HetonWe've been sold a lie!
SeanRui Shi - Gotta snatch 'em ...
XinBe social
XinDone and done.