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ユニークモンスター Edit

Ashek2Black Canyon Mines 
Axegrave the Executioner3The Keep Depths Level2 
Axgore the Cleaver3Core of Arreat 
Bashface the Truncheon3Stonefort 
Belagg Pierceflesh3The Keep Depths Level3 
Bellybloat the Scarred1Cathedral Level4 
Beyatt2The Lost Caravan
(Stinging Wind)
Blarg the Foul3Bridge of Korsikk 
Blarg the Imp2Desolate Sands 
Bloodfeather2Desolate Sands 
Cudgelarm1Cathedral Level2 
Captain Cage1Cathedral Level4 
Captain Dale3The Keep Depths Level1 
Charuch the Spear3Tower of the Cursed Level1 
Chiltara3Caverns of Frost Level2 
Demonika the Wicked3Tower of the Damned Level1 
Direclaw the Demonflyer3Rakkis Crossing 
Dreadclaw the Leaper1Fields of Misery 
Dreadgrasp3The Battlefields 
Drury Brown1Defiled Crypt 
Ebenezer Samuel1Old Tristram Road 
Feckler's Ghost1The Festering Woods 
Firestarter1Cathedral Level2 
Gart the Mad2Howling Plateau 
Gholash3Tower of the Damned Level1 
Gormungandr3Arreat Crater level1 
Gorog the Bruiser3Core of Arreat 
Grimnight the Soulless4The Silver Spire Level2 
Growlfang3Skycrown Battlements 
Gugyn the Gauntlet3The Keep Depths Level3 
Haurel4Silver Spire Level2 
Haxxor3Tower of the Damned Level1 
Hazzor the Viper2Sewers of Caldeum 
Hellscream2The Unknown Depths 
High Cultist Murdos2Alcarnus 
Hyrug the Malformed3Tower of the Cursed Level1 
Jezeb the Conjuror1Leoric's Manor 
Khatun4Gardens of Hope 1st tier 
Kysindra the Wretched4The Silver Spire Level1 
Logrut the Warrior1Highlands Crossing 
Lorzak the Powerful1Southern Highlands 
Lucious the Depraved1Cemetery of the Forsaken 
Lummock the Brute3Rakkis Crossing 
Mage Lord Caustus2The Storm Halls 
Mage Lord Flaydren2The Storm Halls 
Mage Lord Ghuyan2The Storm Halls 
Mage Lord Skomara2The Storm Halls 
Mange1The Weeping Hollow 
Marchocyas3Skycrown Battlements 
Mehshak the Abomination3The Battlefields 
Merrium Skullthorn1Cathedral Level2 
Otzi the Cursed2Western Channel 
Pyres the Damned4Silver Spire Level1 
Qurash the Reviled1Caverns of Araneae 
Ragus Grimlow1Cathedral Level1 
Raiha the Vicious2Desolate Sands 
Rathlin the Widowmaker1Caverns of Araneae 
Razormouth2Black Canyon Mines 
Red Rock1Southern Highlands 
Rhau'Kye4Silver Spire Level2 
Riplash3Tower of the Damned Level2 
Saha the Slasher2Howling Plateau 
Sao'Thall4Silver Spire Level2 
Sarella the Vile1Leoric's manor CountYard 
Severclaw3Arreat Crater Level1 
Shandra'Har3Rakkis Crossing 
Shondar the Invoker2Alcarnus 
Slarg the Behemoth4Silver Spire Level 1 
Stinging Death Swarm2Western Channel 
The Archivist2The Unknown Depths 
The Crusher3The Keep Depths Level2 
Thornback3The Keep Depths Level1 
Thrum2Realm of Shadow 
Torchlighter4Gardens of Hope 2nd tier 
Torsar2Dahlgur Oasis 
Venimite1Caverns of Araneae 
Veshan the Fierce4Gardens of Hope 1st Tier 
Vicious Gray Turkey3The Keep Depths Level3 
Yakara2Eastern Channel 
Yeth2Road to Alcarnus 
Zhelobb the Venomous1Caverns of Araneae 

一般モンスター Edit

Accursed2Western Channel
Eastern Channel
Hidden AqueDucts
Desolate Sands
Ancient Walker2Desolate Sands
Arachnid Horror1Caverns of Araneae
Armaddon4Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
The Silver Spire Level1
Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier
Armored Destroyer4Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
Holy Sanctum
The Silver Spire Level2
Betrayed2Sewers of Caldeum
Ruined Cistern
Tomb of Khan Dakab
Desolate Sands
Ruined Cistern
Blood Clan Impaler3Arreat Crater Level1,2
Tower of the Cursed Level1,2
Blood Clan Mauler3Arreat Crater Level1
Tower of the Cursed Level1,2
Blood Clan Occultist3Arreat Crater Level2
Tower of the Cursed Level1,2
Blood Clan Sorcerer3Rakkis Crossing
Blood Clan Warrior3The Battlefields
The Bridge of Korsikk
Fields of Slaughter
Rakkis Crossing
Bone Warrior2Sewers of Caldeum
The Forgotten Ruins
Desolate Sands
Brood Hatchling2Flooded Cave Level1,2
Cave of the Betrayer Level1,2
Carrion Bat1Cathedral Level2,4
Defiled Crypt
Cave Wing2Sirocco Caverns Level1,2
Charged Construct2Desolate Sands
The Storm Halls
Chilling Construct2The Unknown Depths
Colossal Golgor3Stonefort
Rakkis Crossing
Arreat Crater Level2
The Care of Arreat
Dark Berserker1Halls of Agony Level2,3
Dark Cultist1Leoric's Minor
Halls of Agony Level2,3
Dark Hellion1Halls of Agony Level2,3
Dark Skeletal Bowman3The Keep Depths Level1,2
Darksky Fire Demon4Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier
Deathly Haunt2Mysterious Cave
Demon Trooper3Skycrown Battlements
The Keep Depths Level1
Demonic Hellflyer3Skycrown Battlements
The Battlefields
Demonic Tremor3The Keep Depths Level2,3
Fortified Bunker Level1,2
The Bridge of Korsikk
Fields of Slaughter
Disentombed Hulk1Halls of Agony Level2
Dune Dervish2Darlgur Oasis
Dust Imp2The Unknown Depths
The Storm Halls
The Ruins Level1,2
Enraged Phantom1The Festering Woods
Enslaved Nightmare4The Silver Spire Level2
Fallen2Black Canyon Mines
Stinging Winds
Fallen Conjurer2Darlgur Oasis
Fallen Cur2The Storm Halls
Fallen Grunt3Skycrown Battlements
The Barracks Level1,2
Fallen Hellhound3Tower of the Damned Level1
Fallen Mongrel3Skycrown Battlements
The Barracks Level1,2
Fallen Overlord3Skycrown Battlements
The Barracks Level1,2
Fallen Overseer2Black Canyon Mines
Stinging Winds
Fallen Peon2Darlgur Oasis
Fallen Prophet3Skycrown Battlements
The Barracks Level1,2
Fallen Slavelord3Rakkis Crossing
Fallen Soldier3Rakkis Crossing
Arreat Crater Level1
Tower of the Damned Level1
Frenzied Hellion2Alcarnus
Alcarnus Cellar
Howling Plateau
Road to Alcarnus
Sandy Cellar
Secret Altar
Grim Wraith2Realm of Shadow
Harvester1Cathedral Level4
Herald of Pestilence3The Battlefields
Fields of Slaughter
Arreat Crater Level1
Horned Charger1Northern Highlands
Hulking Phasebeast3Tower of the Damned Level1,2
Heart of the Damned
The Care of Arreat
Hungry Corpse1Defiled Crypt
Icy Quillback3The Keep Depths Level1~3 
Imp1Defiled Crypt
Lacuni Huntress2The Crumbling Vault
Stinging Winds特定地形のみ出現
Lacuni Slasher2Desolate Sands
Mallet Lord4The Silver Spire Level2
Morlu Incinetator4The Silver Spire Level1,2
Morlu Legionnaire4The Silver Spire Level1,2
Murderous Fiend2Eastern Channel
Cave of the Betrayer Level1,2
Noxious Guardian2Sewers of Caldeum
Western Channel
Plague Swarm3Fortified Bunker Level1,2
Cryder's Outpost
Quill Demon1Scavenger's Den
Ravenous Dead1Cathedral Level1
The Weeping Hollow
Defiled Crypt
Reaper2Cave of Burrowing Horror
Retching Cadaver1The Weeping Hollow
Defiled Crypt
Returned Archer1Watch Tower Level2
Returned Executioner1Watch Tower Level2
Rock Giant2The Veiled Treasure
The Unknown Depths
Sand Behemoth2Realm of Shadow
Sand Dweller2Desolate Sands
The Forgotten Ruins
Sand Wasp2Black Canyon Mines
The Crumbling Vault
Savage Beast1Fields of Misery
Southern Highlands
Savage Fiend1The Cursed Hold
Savage Flyer2Flooded Cave Level1,2
The Storm Halls
Savage Rockworm2Sirocco Caverns Level1,2
Scavenger1The Weeping Hollow
Defiled Crypt
Serpent Magus2Darlgur Oasis
Tomb of Khan Dakab
Ruined Cistern
Shock Guardian2The Forgotten Ruins
Skeletal Archer1Cathedral Level4
Skeletal Marauder3The Keep Depths Level1,2
Skeletal Raider2Weatern Channel
Vault of the Assassin
The Unknown Depths
The Storm Halls
Skeletal Ranger2Sewers of Caldeum
Skeletal Sentry2The Forgotten Ruins
Skeleton1Cemetery of the Forsaken
Defiled Crypt
Skull Cleaver3Battlefield Stores
Skull Sword3The Keep Depths Level2天井から降ってくる
Smoldering Construct2The Unknown Depths
Soul Ripper3The Keep Depths Level1,2
Spiderling1Caverns of Araneae
Spine Hewer2The Forgotten Ruins
Stygian Crawler3Arreat Crater Level1,2
The Care of Arreat
Subjugator4Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
The Silver Spire Level1
Succubus3Tower of the Damned Level1,2
Heart of the Damned
The Care of Arreat
Unholy Thrall1Halls of Agony Level1,3
Vicious Ghoul2Sirocco Caverns Level1,2
Vile Swarm2Tomb of Khan Dakab
Western Channel
Eastern Channel
Hidden Aqueducts
Desolate Sands
Cave of the Betrayer Level1,2
The Veiled Treasure
Webspitter Spider2Flooded Cave Level1,2
Wintersbane Huntress3Caverns of Frost Level 1,2
Writhing Deceiver2City of Caldeum
Dahlgur Oasis
Imperial Palace
Old Fisherman's Cellar
The Ruins Level 1,2

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  • ↑すみません間違えました。Skull CleaverはAct3のBATTLEFIELD STOREにて、レアはLv1,2、チャンプはLv1で確認。逆でした -- 2012-10-11 (木) 02:23:09
  • ↑すみません間違えました。Skull CleaverはAct3のBATTLEFIELD STOREにて、レアはLv1,2、チャンプはLv1で確認。逆でした -- 2012-10-15 (月) 19:52:50
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  • 場所制限なのかなぁ?なんか、実績絡みってバグが多いような気がする…。 -- 2012-10-28 (日) 02:13:22
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  • 「Stonefort」にいる「Colossal Golgor」ならレア埋まりました -- 2012-11-18 (日) 19:37:01
  • ユニークのBelagg Pierceflesh, Severclaw, Haxxor, The Crusherの出現場所を編集しました。 -- 2013-01-16 (水) 02:30:39
  • Skull Cleaveのチャンプ、BATTLEFIELD STOREのlvl2でも確認しました。 -- 2013-02-13 (水) 17:16:22
  • Otzi the Cursed、Lummock the Brute、Stinging Death Swarmの出現場所を編集しました。 -- 2013-06-23 (日) 05:58:40

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