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Firebird's Breast

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名称 Edit

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効果 Edit

Set Chest Armor                                            Torso

Sockets (3)

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+[416 - 500] Dexterity
+[416 - 500] Intelligence
+[416 - 500] Strength

+4 Random Magic Properties

Firebird's Finery
 Firebird's Breast
 Firebird's Pinions
 Firebird's Down
 Firebird's Eye
 Firebird's Plume
 Firebird's Talons
 Firebird's Tarsi
(2) Set:
 When you die, a meteor falls from the sky and revives you. 
This effect has a 60 second cooldown.
(4) Set: Dealing Fire damage with one of your skills causes the enemy
to take 1000% weapon damage as Fire per second for 3 seconds.
This effect can be repeated a second and third time by different
skills. If an enemy is burning due to three different skills
simultaneously the enemy will Ignite, taking 3000% weapon
damage per second until they die.
(6) Set: Your damage is increased by 200% and damage taken
reduced by 3% for each enemy that is Ignited. This effect can
stack up to 20 times. You always receive the maximum bonus
whenever a nearby Elite monster is Ignited.
Account Bound
"The origins of the 'Firebird' set remain a mystery. Their magical 
structures are advanced, yet they appear to be hundreds of years
old."—Magus Vaeh Callee

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