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Akkhan's Manacles

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名称 Edit

読み:アクハンズ・マナクルズ   略称:    意訳:アクハンの手かせ

効果 Edit

Legendary Bracers
8 - 9
One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+[416 - 500] Dexterity
+[416 - 500] Intelligence
+[416 - 500] Strength

Critical Hit Chance Increased by [4.5 - 6.0]%
 Blessed Shield damage is increased by [400 - 500]% for the first enemy it hits.(Crusader Only)

+3 Random Magic Properties
"Crusaders are unburdened by the tedium of a worldly life, but they must still be bound by charity, duty, and Akarat's will." -Akkhan

解説・用途 Edit

・Unique Property

Blessed Shield damage is increased by 400–500% for
the first enemy it hits.

Blessed Shieldが最初に命中した敵に対して、ダメージが400–500%増加する。

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