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Inna's Reach

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名称 Edit

読み:   略称:イナ棒    意訳:Innaの領域

効果 Edit

Set Daibo                                          2-Hand
971.3                                     Monk
Damage Per Second
619–1147 Damage
1.10 Attacks per Second
+495–787 Dexterity
Increases Mystic Ally Damage by 90–120% (Monk Only)

One of 7 Magic Properties (varies)
  +(732–894)–(877–1111) Arcane Damage
  +(732–894)–(877–1111) Poison Damage
  +(732–894)–(877–1111) Lightning Damage
  +(732–894)–(877–1111) Holy Damage
  +(732–894)–(877–1111) Cold Damage
  +(732–894)–(877–1111) Fire Damage
  +(732–894)–(877–1111) Damage
+3 Random Magic Properties
Inna's Mantra
 Inna's Favor 
 Inna's Radiance 
 Inna's Reach
 Inna's Temperance 
 Inna's Vast Expanse 
(2) Set:
 Increase the passive effect of your Mystic Ally and the base 
 passive effect of your Mantra by 100%
(4) Set:
 Gain the base effect of all four Mantras at all times.
(6) Set:
 Gain the five runed Mystic Allies at all times and your damage 
 is increased by 125% for each Mystic Ally you have out.

Account Bound
Unique Equipped
 Inlaid with prayers to Inna’s righteous judgment.

解説・用途 Edit


Increases Mystic Ally Damage by 90–120% (Monk Only)

Mystic Allyのダメージを90-120%上昇してくれる頼もしい棒。
Inna's Mantraの6Set効果を存分に発揮したい!!(Ally任せでという意味)

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コメント Edit

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