Hallowed Reckoning

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名称 Edit

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効果 Edit

Set Mighty Weapon
Damage Per Second
(262–446)–(538–964) Damage
1.30 Attacks per Second
+(112–296)–(261–687) Holy Damage
+5 Random Magic Properties
Item Level: 62
Required Level: 60
Hallowed Defenders
 Hallowed Defender
 Hallowed Hand
 Hallowed Judgment
 Hallowed Reckoning
 Hallowed Salvation
 Hallowed Scepter
 Hallowed Storm
(2) Set:
+40 Resistance to All Elements
Attack Speed Increased by 5%
An angelic weapon re-forged to suit the needs of a
hero wielding the powers of the nephalem.

解説・用途 Edit

必要素材 Edit

素材Plan IlvlGold鍛冶Lv
Exquisite Essence.png×120Iridescent Tear.png×30Fiery Brimstone.png×2Tome of Secrets.png×1161185,64010

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