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Aughild's Ultimatum

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名称 Edit

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効果 Edit

Set Bracers 
+54–59 Vitality
+73–84 Armor
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 2.0%
+2 Random Magic Properties
Item Level: 43
Required Level: 41
Aughild's Victory
 Aughild's Dominion 
 Aughild's Peak
 Aughild's Reign
 Aughild's Ultimatum
(2) Set:
Reduces damage from melee attacks by 2%.
(3) Set:
Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 2%.
Aughild had 50 demands that had to be met before he would spare the lives
of the nobles. Those demands are written in the wrappings of these bracers.

解説・用途 Edit

必要素材 Edit

素材Plan IlvlGold鍛冶Lv
Shimmering Essence.png×34Lizard Eye.png×12Page of Blacksmithing.png×3435,5446

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