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The Family of Rathe

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The Family of Rathe / イベント概要 Edit

  • Willa Ratheに話しかけるとイベント開始
    Willa Rathe: "My family...Please...end theri torment!"
  • Objectives
    • Kill the Rathe family
    • Talk to Willa Rathe
  • Father RatheMother RatheLittle Jebby RatheがPop。
    • Willa Rathe: "Please,free my family from their cursed existence! I can hear them...digging..."
    • Father Rathe: "Whelp! Prepare to face my wrath!"
    • Mother Rathe: "Our meddling daughter would do well to leave us be! You will pay for her weakness!"
    • Little Jebby Rathe: "It is folly to disturb us."
  • 討伐後、Willa Ratheに話しかける。アイテムを貰える。
    • Willa Rathe: "At last, they are free..."
    • Willa Rathe: "Thanks to you. my family can now from the curse they brought upon themselves."

イベント動画 Edit

  • 全画面表示はこちら

Event Rewards / イベント報酬 Edit

  • 経験値のみ

Location Details / 地理的特徴 Edit



  • 円形の穴が開いている。
  • 近場にResplendent Chestがある。


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