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Rathma's Ribcage Plate

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効果 Edit

Set Chest Armor            Torso
+416–500 Intelligence
Reduces cooldown of all skills by 5.0–8.0%

+4 Random Magic Properties
 Empty Socket
 Empty Socket
 Empty Socket
Bones of Rathma Rathma's Macabre Vambraces Rathma's Spikes Rathma's Ribcage Plate Rathma's Skeletal Legplates Rathma's Ossified Sabatons? Rathma's Skull Helm? (2) Set: Your minions have a chance to reduce the cooldown of
Army of the Dead by 1 second each time they deal damage.
(4) Set: You gain 1% damage reduction for 15 seconds
each time one of your minions deal damage. Max 50 stacks.
(6) Set: Each active Skeletal Mage increases the damage of your
minions and Army of the Dead by 625% up to a max of 2500%.
 Mendeln declared that all priests would display bones in their armor
as symbols of their mastery over death.