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Army of the Dead

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効果 Edit

22ArmyoftheDead.pngCooldown: 120
26Golden02.pngBlighted Grasp
34Alabaster02.pngDeath Valley
42Indigo02.pngUnconventional Warfare
46Obsidian02.pngFrozen Army
54Crimson02.pngDead Storm
Cost: ライフを 20% 消費

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使い方 Edit

関連装備 Edit

  • Bones of Rathma
    (2) Set:
    Your minions have a chance to reduce the cooldown of 
    Army of the Dead by 1 second each time they deal damage.
    (4) Set: You gain 1% damage reduction for 15 seconds each time one
    of your minions deal damage. Max 50 stacks.
    (6) Set: Each active Skeletal Mage increases the damage of your
    minions and Army of the Dead by 1000% up to a max of 4000%.
  • Fate’s Vow
    Army of the Dead gains the effect of the Unconventional 
    Warfare rune.
    Army of the Deadは選択しているルーンに加え、Unconventional Warfareルーンの効果を得る。

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