Shackles of the Invoker

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Set Bracers
8 - 9

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
* +[416 - 500] Dexterity
* +[416 - 500] Intelligence
* +[416 - 500] Strength


+[2401 - 2880] Thorns Damage


+4 Random Magic Properties


Thorns of the Invoker
Burden of the Invoker
Crown of the Invoker
Pride of the Invoker
Renewal of the Invoker
Shackles of the Invoker
Zeal of the Invoker


(2) Set:
Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius around you. Each time you hit an enemy with Punish, Slash, or block an attack your Thorns is increased by 90% for 2 seconds. This effect stacks up to 10 times.

(4) Set:
You take 50% less damage for 20 seconds after damaging an enemy with Bombardment.

(6) Set:
The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 100% and deal 67,500% of your Thorns damage.


"I discovered my enemy was just a young Vizjerei apprentice, no older than twelve. Defeated, her armor began to turn against her. Cursed thorns dug deep into her arms and drew blood. I had to act quickly." -- Olenna's journal