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To Catch a Thief

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To Catch a Thief Edit


Lyndon's Origins (Act I-IV) - The Broken Blade 完了後
The Unrepentant Rogue (Act I-IV) - The Broken Blade 完了後
Kingsport Fighting (Act I-IV) - The Doom in Wortham 完了後
Sticky Fingers (Act I-IV) - Trailing the Coven 完了後
Difficult Decisions (Act I-IV) - Return to New Tristram 開始後


Blood Ties (Act II-IV) - Shadows in the Desert 完了後
Brothers Divided (Act II-IV) - City of Blood 開始後
The Guard's Fate (Act II-IV) - Unexpected Allies 開始後
First Love (Act II-IV) - Betrayer of the Horadrim 完了後


The Thief's Secret (Act III-IV) - The Siege of Bastion's Keep 開始後
The Scoundrel's Wealth (Act III-IV) - completing The Breached Keep 完了後
Brotherly Love (Act III-IV) - Heart of Sin 開始後


A Dark Outlook (Act IV) - Fall of the High Heavens 開始後
A Lost Family (Act IV) - Fall of the High Heavens 開始後
A Final Gift (Act IV) - Prime Evil 開始後