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公式PV Edit

トレイラー Edit


Legends: Spitfire Edit

Legends: Spitfire by YouTube

Panfilov's 28 Edit

Panfilov's 28 — The Official Main Trailer by YouTube



Game Released! Edit

War Thunder Universe: Game Released! by YouTube

Cinematic Fragmovie Edit

This is War Thunder! Cinematic Fragmovie by YouTube

Knights of the Sea Edit

War Thunder: Knights of the Sea - Naval Battles Teaser by YouTube

Going Home Edit

War Thunder: Going Home by YouTube

Victory is ours Edit

War Thunder - 'Victory is ours!' by YouTube

The BATTLE is ON! Edit

War Thunder - 'The Battle is on!' Trailer by YouTube

PlayStation®4 Launch Trailer (ESRB) Edit

War Thunder - PlayStation®4 Launch Trailer (ESRB) by YouTube

Ground Forces Launch Trailer Edit

War Thunder - Ground Forces Launch Trailer by YouTube

Ground Forces Trailer Edit

War Thunder - Ground Forces Trailer by YouTube

Pacific Advanced Pack Edit

War Thunder - Pacific Advanced Pack by YouTube

Indian Summer in War Thunder Edit

Indian Summer in War Thunder by YouTube

PS4 Gameplay Trailer Edit

War Thunder - PS4 Gameplay Trailer by YouTube

Heroes Edit

War Thunder - 'Heroes' Trailer by YouTube

World War trailer Edit

War Thunder - 'World War' Trailer by YouTube

Beta Launch Trailer Edit

War Thunder - Beta Launch Trailer by YouTube

国家ムービー Edit


アメリカ空軍 Edit

War Thunder - The US Air Force by YouTube

アメリカ陸軍 Edit

War Thunder: US Ground Forces Trailer by YouTube

ソビエト空軍 Edit

War Thunder - The Soviet Air Force by YouTube

ドイツ空軍 Edit

War Thunder - The German Air Force by YouTube

イギリス空軍 Edit

War Thunder - The Royal Air Force by YouTube

イギリス陸軍 Edit

War Thunder: British ground forces by YouTube

日本空軍 Edit

War Thunder - The Japanese Air Force by YouTube

日本陸軍 Edit

War Thunder: Way of The Samurai by YouTube

イタリア空軍 Edit

War Thunder: Italian Air Force Trailer by YouTube

フランス陸軍 Edit

War Thunder: La Résistance Trailer by YouTube

外部イベント トレイラー 英語版 Edit


GamesCom 2015 Edit

War Thunder: GamesCom 2015 Trailer(ENG) by YouTube

GamesCom 2014 Edit

War Thunder - gamescom 2014 Trailer by YouTube

Igromir 2011 Edit

War Thunder - Igromir 2011 Trailer by YouTube

グラディエーター トーナメント Edit


Gradiators 2016 Edit

War Thunder: Gladiators 4x4 Tournament by YouTube

Gradiators 2015 Edit

War Thunder - Gladiators Super Cup 2015 by YouTube

Gradiators 2014 Edit

War Thunder - Gladiators by YouTube

エイプリルフール Edit


エイプリルフール2017 =ランクIX= Edit

Available now Rank IX! by YouTube

エイプリルフール2016 =帆船海軍= Edit

War Thunder: The first test of the sailing fleet by YouTube

エイプリルフール2015 =歩行戦車= Edit

War Thunder: March to Victory by YouTube

エイプリルフール2014 =ガイジラ= Edit

A new Japanese war machine in War Thunder! by YouTube

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