Room Effects

Last-modified: 2016-11-29 (火) 16:31:46

Room Effect List

DarkYou can not see what enemy is. (You can ignore this if you have "Observation".)
DoorYou can not see what this room includes. (You can see "Door" icon only.)
Enemies have "Firststrike".
BlessEveryone heal HP after wasting turn.
BurnEveryone lose HP after wasting turn.
SparkAll damage will be doubled.
SwampAll Skill's cooldown +1.(Everyone)
FreezeAll Skill's cooldown +5 occasionally.(Everyone)
FallEveryone lose HP after wasting turn occasionally.
DrawnYou cost long time to go through here.
NarrowNo miss and avoid.(Everyone)
ZoneNo ailments and 1/4 shields.(Everyone)
TailwindNo cooldown.(Everyone)
VastLow Accuracy.(Everyone) You can run away more earlier.
TorchYou gain "Scout" here.(You can see content in room far.)
Enemies lose "Firststrike".
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