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Contract List Edit

Max HPIncrease your MaxHP.(+20%)1
STRIncrease your STR.(+20%)1
DEXIncrease your DEX.(+20%)1
INTIncrease your INT.(+20%)1
PIEIncrease your PIE.(+20%)1
Avoid TrapIgnore trap in treasure box.1
Boss BonusDouble boss's exp and you can gain a soulstone by boss.1
DashYou can reach boss more quickly.1
HealIncrease healing effect.(+30%)1
AvoidYou can avoid more frequent.1
ScoutYou can look into the distance.3
FirststrikeReduce 1 cooldown of your any skill occasionally.3
StealthYou are less likely to encounter the enemy.3
TrackingIgnore opponent's avoid.3
AlertIgnore opponent's firststrike.3
ObservationYou can see opponent's HP and next action.3
PenetrateIgnore opponent's armor.3
AlchemyIncrease your chance to reroll.3
LuckYou can earn more great treasure.3
EffectiveMake you easier to deal ailment to an opponent.3
ParryYou can parry more frequent.3
ResistanceIncrease yoru resist for ailments.3
CriticalGain more critical rate.3
ExperienceIncrease exp you gain.3
ExpandProlong effects for you and opponents.6
ShorteningShorten effects for you and opponents.6
OverhealYou can heal yourself beyond the limit.6
Limit BreakYou can gain MaxHP and deal damages beyond the limit.6
ExplorationYou can see what happens when you accept events.6
Armor in CrisisThe more you lose your HP, the more armor you can gain.6
GutsPrevent your death occasionally.6
Damage ReduceReduce damage you dealt.6
AdversityThe more you lose your HP, the more shorten cooldown of your skills.10
BerserkerDouble damages you deal and you dealt.10
GreedDouble soulstones you earn occasionally.10
Golden CatDouble soulstones you earn but everything become cats.10
HasteShorten cooldown of your skills occasionally.10
CounterYou will use your skill automatically without wasting your turn when an opponent acts.10
ImmobilityIgnore all effects.10
PerpassYou and opponent can't avoid all effects.10
Mind's eyeYou earn high avoid instead of damage reduce.6
Add:PoisonYou will deal poison on an enemy whenever you deal damage to it.3
Add:WeakenYou will deal weaken on an enemy whenever you deal damage to it.3
Add:FragileYou will deal damage gain on an enemy whenever you deal damage to it.3
Add:BlindYou will deal blind on an enemy whenever you deal damage to it.3
Add:PollutionYou will deal pollution on an enemy whenever you deal damage to it.3
Add:BindYou will deal bind on an enemy whenever you deal damage to it.3
Add:SlowYou will deal slow on an enemy whenever you deal damage to it.3
Add:BleedYou will deal bleed on an enemy whenever you deal damage to it.3
Add ActionYou can act without wasting your turn occasionally.6
Avoid in CrisisThe more you lose your HP, the more avoid you can gain.6
Avoid CriticalIgnore opponent's critical hit.3
One shot aimDouble damage you deal and halve your accuracy.3
Road of thornsDouble exp you earn and you will lose your HP for each turn.10
JackpotReduce 1 cooldown of your skill that have 5 or more turn for cooldown.10
FinesseReduce 1 cooldown of your skill that have 2 or less turn for cooldown.10
InfernoIgnore all healing effect for you and opponent.5
DeadlyKill enemy occasionally.6
SnipingIncrease 100% critical damage.6
ShieldIncrease your Shield.(+20%)1
VampireHeal your HP by attack.(3% of damage you dealt)6
BarrierIgnore damage twice in each room.6
Finish blowKill enemy that have low HP.6
Hidden bladeAdditional attack whenever you use any skills.6
EntangleSlow enemy whenever you attack.6
RefugeDecrease damage you dealt when you have HP more than or equal to MaxHP.6
TeleportYou can move to far room.6
PlatingIgnore degrade effect and increase resistance.3
MindfulIgnore forget and increase experience you gain.3
Lucky ClunkerSet Accuracy 50% for you and opponents.3
MirrorReflect damage you dealt and reflect opponent's reflect damage.3
SniperYou can hit without miss and avoid and parry but you use your turn with all skills.3
Fluctuation50% chance to ignore buffs and debuffs.3
Parry AilmentGain resistance by Parry.3
Avoid AilmentGain resistance by Avoid.3
DreadnoughtIgnore all debuffs and increase all cooldowns +1.3
SimplifyIgnore all buffs and debuffs if you have already any buffs or debuffs.1
PoisonousIncrease your power of damage over time.(+50%)6