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Status List Edit

NameHow to work
STRPowers of some skills are based on this parameter.
DEXPowers of some skills are based on this parameter.
INTPowers of some skills are based on this parameter.
PIEPowers of some skills are based on this parameter.
PowerPowers of some skills are based on this parameter.
PoisonousIncrease damage you deal by damage over time.
Max HPYou will die when your HP become 0 or less.
ShieldYou can gain shield whenever you encounter an opponent.
ArmorReduce damage you dealt.
ResistanceBlock debuffs.
AvoidAvoid opponent's attacks.
ParryParry opponent's attacks.
Damage ReduceReduce damage you dealt.
RestHeal your HP whenever you move to an other room.
HealIncrease your healing effect.
CounterYou will use random skill automatically when an opponent acted.
CriticalIncrease your chance of critical.
ExperienceIncrease exp you gain.
AutohealHeal your HP whenever your turn ends.
ReflectDeal damage whenever you are hit.
PursuitDeal damage whenever you act.
AccuracyIncrease your accuracy.
EffectiveIncrease your chance of adding debuffs.
LuckBetter equipments and skills will be found.
DeadlyChance to kill instantly.
SnipingIncrease power of critical.
VampireYou can heal your HP whenever you hit.
BarrierYou can gain damage-ignoring barrier.
Curse of 3Cooldown of all skills become 3.
ExpandExpand turn of all buffs and debuffs for you and opponents.
OverhealYou can heal your HP more than MaxHP.
AlchemyIncrease your chance of reroll.
ObservationYou can see opponent's HP and next action.
PenetrateIgnore opponent's defenses.
AdversityYour cooldowns will finish on low HP.
BerserkerDouble damage you deal and you dealt.
AlertAvoid all firststrike.
Limit BreakIgnore limit of HP and damages.
GreedYou can earn more soulstores.
TrackingIgnore opponent's avoid and parry.
StealthReduce encounter.
ScoutYou can see contents of far rooms.
FirststrikeChance to reduce cooldown -1 on encounter.
DashYou can reach bosses more earlier.
ShorteningShorten turn of all buffs and debuffs for you and opponents.
ExplorationYou can see result of some events.
SmellIncrease encounter.
HaggleReduce cost for reroll.
Golden Cat!You can earn double soulstones but all enemies can be seen as a cat.
Boss BonusYou can earn more exp and a soulstone.
Avoid TrapYou can avoid traps.
HasteChance to reduce cooldown -1.
GutsChance to survive fatal damage.
Armor in CrisisReduce damage you dealt on low HP.
Mind's eyeYou gain high Avoid but you ignore all defense effects.
Avoid in CrisisGain Avoid on low HP.
Avoid CriticalIgnore opponent's critical.
Cost of PowerHalf exp, Double Damage.
PlatingIgnore degrade equipments and gain few resistance.
MindfulIgnore forget and gain few exp rate.
Lucky ClunkerSet Accuracy to 50% for you and opponents.
MirrorReflect damage and reflect opponent's reflect damage.
SniperYou can hit and ignore avoid and parry always but you will waste your turn with all skills.
Finish blowYou can kill opponents on low HP instantly.
Hidden bladeDeal damage whenever you act. (Based on Level)
EntangleIncrease opponent's cooldowns on hit.
RefugeReduce damage when you have more equal HP then MaxHP.
TeleportYou can move to far rooms.
Fluctuation50% chance to ignore all buffs and debuffs.
Parry AilmentYou gain Resistance equal to Parry x2;
Avoid AilmentYou gain Resistance equal to Avoid x2;
DreadnoughtYou can ignore all debuffs but your cooldowns +1.
SimplifyIgnore all buffs and debuffs when you have any buffs or debuffs already.
ImmobilityIgnore all buffs and debuffs.
PerpassYou and opponents can not resist all buffs and debuffs.
Add:PoisonDeal damage over time on hit.
Add:WeakenReduce opponent's power on hit.
Add:FragileIncrease dammage opponent dealt on hit.
Add:BlindReduce accuracy on hit.
Add:PollutionReduce resistance on hit.
Add:BindReduce avoid and parry on hit.
Add:SlowIncrease slow an opponent on hit.
Add:BleedReduce healing effect on hit.
Add ActionChance to act without wasting your turn.
One shot aimHalf Accuracy, Double Damage.
Road of thornsLose your HP over time and double exp.
BloodlettingLose your HP over time and reduce cooldown -1 for each turn.
JackpotReduce cooldown -1 for skills have 5 or more cooldown.
FinesseReduce cooldown -1 for skills have 2 or less cooldown.
Dragon FireAdditional attack whenever you use skill based on STR.
Throw ShurikenAdditional attack whenever you use skill based on DEX.
Hidden FairyAdditional attack whenever you use skill based on INT.
Briliant FlareAdditional attack whenever you use skill based on PIE.
MarkdownYou can gain Party equal to cooldown of skill what you used.
Keep ShieldYour shield will remain after each battle.
SouleaterHeal your HP to full whenever you kill an opponent.
RevelationYou can deal damage equal to amount of heal you deal.
STR MasterReduce cooldown -1 for STR based skills.
DEX MasterReduce cooldown -1 for DEX based skills.
INT MasterReduce cooldown -1 for INT based skills.
PIE MasterReduce cooldown -1 for PIE based skills.
StormReduce defense whenever you hit.
DecreeYou can kill whenever you consume your item.
Poison MasterDouble damage you deal by damage over time.
Eye for eyeChance to return opponent's attack.
ImpurityYou can heal your HP by "Damage over time".
GodspeedReduce cooldown -1 for random skill whenever you waste your turn.
DignityHalf damage you deal directly and half damage you dealt.
ArbiterSeal opponent's skill on encounter.
TransQuality of your equipments are changed whenever you move rooms.
AlmightyYour primary parameters will be equal to max parameter.
FragranceYou can encounter special enemies and season bosses more often.
GloryYou can earn triple soulstones.
InitiationYou have chance to kill an opponent on critical.
Blood PleasureHeal yourself to full instead of paying your HP.
Dragon GodIncrease damage you deal by your Reflect.
Full forceIncrease damage you deal in this turn whenever you deal damage.
NecromancyDouble damage you deal by Pursuit.
StudyIncrease damage you deal forever for each kill.
TransparentYou will avoid all enemy except floor boss.
SagacityDouble exp you gain.
Royal roadIgnore all room effects when you enter.
DecayReduce opponent's MaxHP for each turn.
Shield MasterIncrease your Shield instead of increasing MaxHP.
Support LabDouble Flags of Death you gain.

Lab Result List Edit

Max HP+25Max HP+50Max HP+75Max HP+100
Max HP+5%Max HP+10%Max HP+15%Max HP+20%
Damage Reduce+2%Damage Reduce+4%Damage Reduce+6%Damage Reduce+8%
Plating+1Mindful+1Finish blow+1Hidden blade+1
Parry Ailment+1Avoid Ailment+1Add:Poison+1Add:Weaken+1
Add:Slow+1Add:Bleed+1Add Action+1Jackpot+1
Alert+1Limit Break+1Greed+1Tracking+1
Shortening+1Exploration+1Haggle+1Boss Bonus+1
Avoid Trap+1Haste+1Guts+1Armor in Crisis+1
Mind's eye+1Avoid in Crisis+1Avoid Critical+1
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