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[GM #174] - Shattered Keepers 2020/12/07


Grim Misadventures here with our final 2020 update!


Last time, you had your the first glimpse into the new areas being added to the Shattered Realm. As part of our MOAR policy, you'll be absolutely shocked to learn that the number of new levels has since gone up from 15 to 20!

前回は、シャッタード レルムに追加される新エリアを初めてご覧頂きました。

This naturally does not mark the end of our v1.1.9.0 journey. Today, we'd like to unveil the assortment of unique rewards you can hunt down while traversing the Shattered Realm.

今回は、シャッタード レルムの旅を通じて獲得できる、ユニークな報酬の数々をお披露目いたしましょう。

With v1.1.9.0, the Shattered Realm loot pool will be enhanced with the addition of 12 new Legendary items, split across three sets. These items will drop at any Shard on Ultimate difficulty, though you can naturally expect their drops to be more common the higher you go.

v1.1.9.0では、シャッタード レルムのルートプールが拡張され、3セット/12ピースのレジェンダリー装備が追加されます。

Let's take a closer look at each of these sets!


Note that as with anything previewed before it's in your hands, everything is subject to change!


Ember Calling



The armor of the Keepers of Ralyoth will open up new build opportunities, but their regal appearances made us rethink the versatile Shattered Guardian Armor. We've decided to go back and make this set worthy of its Shattered origins for v1.1.9.0!

更にこれらの堂々とした佇まいは、我々に汎用シャッタード ガーディアン セットの再考を促しました。


For those that enjoyed the original appearance, fear not. It will still be available for purchase from the vendor in the Splendors of the Shattered Realm in a ceremonial format.

シャッタード レルムの栄華の商人から「礼装(セレモニアル)」として購入可能なままです。

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Join us on 01/11/2021 as we welcome in the new year and reflect upon another amazing year for Grim Dawn!

次に何が Grim Dawn にやってくるか知りたいですか?
新年を迎えた 2021年1月11日 に、Grim Dawn が積み重ねた素晴らしい1年を共に振り返ってみましょう!

[GM 号外] - Getting real philosophical in here 2020/11/22


At no point have we ever Not cared about endgame balance. It genuinely amazes me that the opposite is even suggested on this forum after nearly 5 years of endgame focused content updates and balancing. It also disappoints me after all these years of patch notes filled with player suggestions to hear we are ignoring players or only listening to certain individuals. Gods know it would be trivial to create an echo chamber by using bans and the ignore feature, but that's not, nor has ever been, what we are interested in.


Considering what a small subset of our customers balance changes even affect, one could even say we are distributing our efforts poorly, but we are hardcore gamers ourselves and there are certain things we value and consider important. Where we tend to disagree with some players is where the goalposts should land, and the stubbornness we've faced in light of that also never ceases to amaze me.


We are addressing a known exploit, one we've tolerated for a long time and made clear over the months that it was one we could very easily fix if a certain attitude around the Shattered Realm remained. And here we are…We are not incapable of reading the room though and where the community's views on the game mode have landed. Players set their sights on SR75+, largely our own fault for having Celestial Waystones, and anything we say be damned. Players want to push even higher SR clears, but they can only do so with the exploit.


Fact is, builds quickly start to fall off the radar above SR65 when they have to contend with 4 bosses at once (as in, the intended way). Shockingly, loot in the Shattered Realm was balanced for this. It doesn't even scale past SR87 because mathematically nothing should be surviving that high (hint, anything that can pull all 4 bosses at SR90 and survive is, how do the locals put it…overtuned).


But then came the camera abuse and all that went out the window. Suddenly we needed Deathly Waystones for the SR pushers to be challenged because, to nobody's surprise, pulling bosses one by one makes it way easier. I'm not sure if we didn't make a mistake by not addressing the exploit when requests for higher checkpoints started coming. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. But we didn't, and here we are now and you can't put the genie back in the bottle.


So we are not going back to the 4-boss gang-up. We don't feel that 1 boss pulls are conducive to the game mode though. At that point, the boss rooms might as well just be 1 boss. The other 3 are just delaying the inevitable.


I'm not entirely sure if 1-2-1 setup is right. Maybe 2-2 is a better one. Time will tell I guess and we'll go from there. The important thing is that an exploit not known to all players and not universally abused is going away, and that takes one variable out of the equation in looking at build performance in SR objectively.

1. 開発者の考えるゴールポストは65シャードであったが、カメラの悪用によってバランスが破壊された。
2. カメラの悪用を前提としてSR75(或いはそれ以上)に到達できないビルドを低評価するような風潮に警鐘を鳴らしてきたが、改善される気配が無かった。
3. 開発者側にも落ち度はあったが、上記の風潮と、公平な評価軸を望むコミュニティの動きが後押しになり、対処することを決めた。

It's no question that those getting to SR100+ are skilled players, but there's also no question that very very few archetypes can push that high and there's a takeaway there. Unfortunately oftentimes, as is the cliché player reaction, rather than the response being “wow, this is overpowered, it should get toned down”, instead it's “this is great and balanced, every build should be able to do this, the devs are stifling build diversity by not embracing it”.


How anyone looks at RATA builds and a handful of pet builds pushing past 100, while virtually nothing else can, and thinks the problem lies in everything else is beyond me.


P.S. Frankly, for those that enjoy the “Dark Souls”-esque nature of fighting individual bosses at high SR would do well with a boss-rush style game mode where you just fight boss after boss with ever increasing scaling. It's an entirely different beast than the Shattered Realm, though it actually would not be that hard to mod in (hint hint 😃 ).

SRとは全くの別物ですが、MODで弄るのはそれほど難しくはないと思います(あとは…わかるな? 😃 )

[GM 号外] - Upcoming Changes to the Shattered Realm (v1.1.9.0) 2020/11/20


To make sure that nobody is caught by complete surprise with Grim Dawn's upcoming major update, we'd like to outline some significant changes we are making with v1.1.9.0, especially as it pertains to the community's recent efforts to come up with a rating system for build performance.


With Forgotten Gods, the Shattered Realm offered an alternative endgame progression. As it scales effectively forever, the intent had always been that eventually a character would not be able to progress any further. Where this stopping point should be is up to some debate and everybody has their own opinion on that.

FGにて、シャッタード レルムはエンドゲームに別の新たな盤面を提供しました。

However, a style of play has become prevalent in the community that we feel is detrimental to this game mode and to creating a fair environment for everyone playing. For those not in the know of what we are referring to, in the current version of the game it is possible to alter boss aggro behavior by rotating the game camera and zooming in.


This “camera abuse” has allowed players to work around the intended design of fighting the boss spawns in unison and effectively pull them one at a time, even if the bosses stood right on top of each other. However, it is a finnicky method that can backfire and some consider it to be a display of skill to pull bosses this way. It is also not something the average player is even aware of.


We are calling this behavior exactly what it is: exploiting game mechanics.


With all that said, it has also become apparent that the community has settled on a certain way of playing in the Shattered Realm game mode that is not exactly how it was originally envisioned, but nevertheless seems to be popular as it allows for builds to clear higher shards than they otherwise would.

とはいえ、コミュニティにおけるシャッタード レルムのプレイ方法がある種の手法に落ち着いてきたのも事実です。

To address this issue, with v1.1.9.0, we are going to make three major changes:

  • Boss spawn locations, particularly at high shards, will be updated. Bosses at endgame shards will spawn in a 1-2-1 pattern, meaning there will be 3 groups of 1 Boss, 2 Bosses, 1 Boss.
  • Boss aggro behavior will be changed. Bosses will have a much smaller aggro radius, allowing you to pull them with more control without having to rely on gimmicky exploits. However, the 2 boss pack will almost always aggro together (those guys like to wander about, we certify our bosses are 100% free-range).
  • The camera abuse behavior will be fixed. Rotating the camera or zooming in will have no impact on aggro behavior within the Shattered Guardian Domains.



Combined, we feel that these changes will make for a more predictable experience in the Shattered Realm that is accessible for all players rather than requiring insider knowledge on abusing a game mechanic while also maintaining the style of play in the Shattered Realm that has been popularized by the community.

これらの変更を組み合わせることで、コミュニティによって普及したシャッタード レルムのプレイスタイルを維持しつつ、

In addition, without the ability to hamper boss aggro mechanics with an exploit, proper position and execution of the boss encounters while avoiding aggroing additional nearby bosses will help elevate and exemplify player skill when climbing Shards.


Along with new Shattered Guardian Domains in v1.1.9.0, we hope that these changes will lead to an improved experience for everyone enjoying the Shattered Realm.

v1.1.9.0の新しいボス領域も含め、シャッタード レルムを楽しむ皆さんの体験向上に繋がると期待しています。

[GM #173] - Onwards into the Shattering 2020/9/28


Hello again with a Grim Misadventure!


The latest major content update has arrived, and with it new side areas, new monster totems and of course new bosses and loot!

最新のメジャーコンテンツアップデートが提供され、新しいサイドエリア、新しいモンスター トーテム、そしてもちろん新しいボスと蒐集品を追加しました!

But we can't just stop there.


Onwards to v1.1.9.0!


The unstable nature of the Shattered Realm continues to reveal new portions of the broken reality. Torn apart by the hungering darkness, what little remains is fraught with dangers, but also great wealth.

シャッタード レルムの不安定な性質は、砕かれた現実の新たな部分を暴き続けています。

The eye of crate has now turned its gaze upon this crumbling land. As you continue to delve into this far reaching plane, you will encounter 15 all-new regions swarming with foes clinging to the few remaining chunks of land that have not been consumed by the darkness. You can be certain that they will defend the last vestiges of their home with savage fervor.

Crate の目は今、この崩れかけた大地へとそのまなざしを向けています。

Likewise, the end-game options for Shattered Guardian Domains will be expanded as well, with 4 new boss arenas.

そのほか、エンドゲームの選択肢として、シャッタード ガーディアンの領域も4つの新ボスエリアと共に拡充されます。

Altogether, this will be by far our largest addition to the Shattered Realm yet!


This of course is not all you can expect in v1.1.9.0, because we always do MOAR! But that is a story for another time… 😉

もちろん、これがv1.1.9.0の全てではありません。私たちはいつだって"もっと"ですから!でもその話はまた別の機会に… 😉

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 12/07/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.

次に何が Grim Dawn にやってくるか知りたいですか? 次の Grim Misadventure を、2020年12月7日 にまたチェックしてください。

[GM #172] - Celestial Portents 2020/8/03



Hello again with a Grim Misadventure!


Last time, we gave you a preview of some of the new areas you'll be exploring when V1.1.8.0 is released later this year.


You may also recall a certain new form of Monster Totem for you to contend with.

それと、キミの挑戦を待つだろう新型のモンスター トーテムを思い起こしたかもしれないな。

As with the current collection of monstrously imbued loot pinatas, you can expect to find some special loot, and the theme speaks for itself…


The counterpart to the Dawnshard can tear a rift in reality, just as the other conduits of Morgoneth's powers. Embrace the power of night…before Yugol comes for you!


You will be tracking down this Celestial Totem across at least 5 (so, you know, probably over 100 by the time we actually release the patch…) new side areas scattered across the world of Cairn, in familiar locales you might have passed by before but could not access.


As you'd expect, the Celestial Totem will not mark your only threat in these areas. Each location will feature a minor boss encounter as well as accompanying Monster Infrequent, for when our answer to the loot hunt is MOAR.


In addition to this new content, you can expect a series of balance changes intended to make your decisions even more tantalizing and expand Grim Dawn's already vast build diversity. Previously, we had focused on Monster Infrequents and touching up non set Legendaries. With V1.1.8.0, we will be taking a closer look at the relative balance of Mastery Combinations and how we can improve the disparity of the outliers on both ends of the spectrum.

この新コンテンツに加え、Grim Dawn の既に広大なビルドの多様性を更に押し広げ、キミの決定をもっと悩ましくするような一連のバランス調整が待ち受けている。

It's a complex issue without simple solutions, but one we feel is worthy of further efforts and we can make the most informed decisions with your feedback!

(訳注:make informed decisionはビジネスでよく使われる表現ですが、どう足掻いても直訳っぽくしかならないので、言葉通りの意味に察してください)

You can join the ongoing discussion on that topic in the Ideas and Feedback Forum.

この件に関しては Ideas and Feedback フォーラムで、進行中の議論に参加できるぞ。

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 09/28/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.

次に何が Grim Dawn にやってくるか知りたい? 次のGrim Misadventureを 2020年9月28日 にまたチェックしてくれ。

[GM #171] - Expanded Horizons 2020/6/16


Grim Misadventures is here!


Last time, you had your first look at the new Crucible Arenas included with v1.1.7.0. But as you now have this update in your hands, that's OLD NEWS.


V1.1.7.0 was so last week, let's talk about V1.1.8.0! You may recall as we teased you with this image when the new year rolled around…


As you can imagine, priorities shifted, MOAR was added, then even MOAR, and here we are halfway through 2020 with no new areas in sight. But fear not, for their time is coming!


Where v1.1.7.0 focused on overhauling loot tables and introducing a mountain of new Monster Infrequents to hunt for, v1.1.8.0 will be all about world building. There are many nooks and crannies in Cairn that have been left untouched. In some cases, it was the realities of development and we couldn't get to everything we wanted to. In other cases, we had tantalizing areas just out of sight that never got used.


The most infamous of all may be the area between Old Arkovia and Tyrant's Hold. Those who have been with us since Early Access may recall that we once contemplated offering two routes up to Homestead but, for a number of reasons, we had to alter those plans. The game has grown since then, and we've had some time to ponder how we could give that area the attention it deserves.


With v1.1.8.0, you will be able to traverse Tyrant's Hold and approach the ruined bridge from the other side. The bridge that's teased us since the early days of Grim Dawn will finally be restored!


Sharp eyes may also have noticed that there were some changes to Burrwitch a few updates ago. As you likely suspected (and some of the modders datamined), this will indeed be another area we've expanded upon and will be featured in the v1.1.8.0 update!


Now why would you find yourself exploring these portions of the world when you've got foreboding deserts to explore and forgotten gods to vanquish? Well, as with all content, new challenges await, new wealth remains to be uncovered. To the explorer go the spoils!


Is there an area of Grim Dawn's world that you've been itching to explore further?


Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 08/03/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.

次に何が Grim Dawn に現れるかお知りになりたいですか? 次のGrim Misadventureは、2020年8月3日にまたご確認ください。

[GM 号外] - Interview with Arthur Bruno on working remotely 2020/5/13


Crate Entertainment のオーナーである Arthur "medierra" Bruno に対するインタビュー記事への告知ポストです。


話の内容は、Iron Lore 終了から Crate 設立までの経緯、起業に関する苦労、リモートワークのメリット・デメリット、経営、運用のスタンスなどなどです。
ここでは、GDプレイヤーに直接関係のありそうな、Crate とはどんな企業なのか、という点だけ要約することにします。

  • 設立当初からフルリモートワーク。オフィスを構えたことはない
  • 現在は全員が正社員
  • 完全な独立企業
  • スケジュール、マイルストーン、設計書はない

[GM #170] - A Crucible of Sights 2020/5/04


Grim Misadventures is here!


As you well know, V1.1.7.0 is fast approaching, and with it a menagerie of new Monster Infrequents to hunt for. But here at MOAR industries, we never stop working on an update until we hit the character limit on the forum (again…).

しかしここはMOAR業界、フォーラムの文字数制限 (またしても…) に達するまで、更新作業の手を休めることはありません。

You may find yourself wondering what other surprises are still in store for you with the next patch. Today, fans of the Crucible are in for a treat!


Shortly after the release of Ashes of Malmouth, we introduced two new Crucibles to the DLC. While they expanded the roster, the tech we had in place at the time necessitated that the arenas were still themed after base game areas.


With V1.1.7.0, we're going to the stars!


Crucibling About 坩堝について

Thanks to some tech changes, we are now able to introduce new Crucibles that are inspired by expansions. This does however necessitate that you own the respective expansion to enjoy them, so if you own Ashes of Malmouth, you will soon have two new arenas in your roster.


Crucible of the Woods 森林の坩堝

Crucible of the Bog 湿原の坩堝

Now if you also own Forgotten Gods, you will unlock two additional areas!


Crucible of the Stars 星々の坩堝

Crucible of the Crags 岩山の坩堝

MOAR…AGAIN もっと…もっと

Sure, why not, moar! If you've been hanging around the forum, you may have noticed a thread in the feedback section called Updating Old Epics to Mythical Status. Players have contributed ideas for their old favorites, and we've been listening. Over 30 base game Epic items are receiving the Mythical treatment and getting added to the Forgotten Gods loot pool. That includes an update to the Soothsayer set, for those interested in a support playstyle at endgame.


Between old Epics being new again and a new collection of Monster Infrequents, the loot hunt is getting another sizable boost.


Naturally, your next question will be when V1.1.7.0 will grace you with its release. The answer is, posthaste! We expect V1.1.7.0 testing to wrap up by the end of May, so look forward to the next content update by late May/early June!


Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 06/15/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.

次に何が Grim Dawn に現れるかお知りになりたいですか?
次のGrim Misadventureは、2020年6月15日にご確認ください。

[GM #169] - Frequently Infrequent 2020/3/24


Grim Misadventures reporting for duty!


Last time, we had a deep overview of everything now in-game with the release of v1.1.6.0 last month.


Today, we’re ready to talk about more of what’s still in store for Grim Dawn! Attention is now turning to V1.1.7.0 (and perhaps beyond? Hmm?).

今日は、Grim Dawnにまだ残っているものについて、詳しくご説明します。

We’ve dropped several hints over the past few months, of areas previously unexplored and domains left to conquer, but why stop there?


One aspect of the game we find ourselves going back to repeatedly is also one of the most fun, and yet also often frustrating. Monster Infrequents, as they’ve come to be called, are exciting to discover, but getting the affixes you need can put a drain on that joy. It’s not uncommon to see the phrase “just GDStash it” in the community.


There is a fine line between making a loot drop so common that it becomes boring and so rare that you’d rather just cheat it in, but we think that perhaps the game is a little too close to the “cheat” end of the spectrum right now.


To that end, we are making a number of changes to Monster Infrequents in v1.1.7.0 that should make getting them, especially while leveling, more exciting:


Reducing the Infrequency 低頻度の削減

First off, we are completely removing the chance to get a Monster Infrequent with just a Rare affix. Instead. In v1.1.7.0, all Monster Infrequents will drop with two affixes. In addition, we are increasing the chance of them rolling with at least one Rare affix, and significantly increasing the chance of dropping with two, making it a coveted TRIPLE rare. After all, you’re not just trying to get an ultra-rare drop. You’re also trying to get it with ideal affixes, and that’s perhaps a bit too much prayer to RNGesus.

まず第一に、ただ一つのレア接辞でMIを獲得する機会を完全に取り除きます。v1.1.7.0 では、すべてのMIが2つの接辞付きでドロップするでしょう。
さらに、少なくとも一つはレア接辞のどれかが付くようロールする確率を増やし、さらに二つ付いて ドロップする確率を大幅に増やして、
誰もが欲しがる「トリプル」レアにしました。※ MI(モンスターレア)+ダブルレア=トリプルレア(と思われます)

Next in line, we are going to be doing another pass on Monster Infrequent balancing. We’ve done this in the past, but there are still Monster Infrequents that could use a bump for endgame purposes. The biggest changes probably come in the Necklace and Medal slots.


(As always, stats on items previewed in our dev updates are subject to change as we approach a patch release)


Monstrous Stats モンスターの統計値

In addition, we are bumping up stats on almost all Monster Infrequents at lower levels. While this has no impact for endgame, it will mean that getting a cool Monster Infrequent while you’re leveling a character will feel much more rewarding. Combined with the improved affix drop rates, you may end up with some potent Monster Infrequents on your leveling journey!


MOAR さらに

Next up, yes turns out this list just keeps on going, we are going back to many of our vanilla boss encounters. V1.1.6.0 started us on this path with Monster Infrequents for Ilgorr the Eternal and Lagoth’Ak Harbinger of Blood, but many bosses are still woefully lacking in unique drops. This was a standard we established with Ashes of Malmouth and carried forward with Forgotten Gods, but it is time that the base game is brought in line.

立ち戻っています。v1.1.6.0では、Ilgorr the Eternal (イルゴア, ザ エターナル) とLagoth’Ak Harbinger for Blood
(ラゴス'アク, ハービンジャー オブ ブラッド) のMIと共にこの道を歩み始めましたが、まだ多くのボスが哀れにも

This is going to be huge for your loot hunt as we are adding 30, yes thirty, new Monster Infrequents to the game and finally giving you some incentive to hunt down those bosses you’ve probably forgotten about while running through the Korvan desert!


Modifying Vanilla バニラの変更

The last change we have in store took a lot of deliberation internally. Item Skill modifiers have become a staple of Grim Dawn with the release of Ashes of Malmouth. They are such a core mechanic now that it feels wrong not to introduce players to them sooner. As such, with v1.1.7.0, we are going to be shifting Monster Infrequent skill modifiers as a feature to the base game, rather than exclusively a part of expansions.

AoMのリリースでGrim Dawnの主要素になりました。それらは極めてコアなメカニックなので、今すぐに

Many players are still discovering Grim Dawn for the first time, and we want to make sure that they experience all the aspects of what makes character building in Cairn so enticing and rewarding.

多くのプレーヤーは、まだGrim Dawnで新しい発見をしており、ケアンでのキャラクタービルディングが

With all this on the horizon, we think it’s safe to say that v1.1.7.0 will be the Monster Infrequent patch!


Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 05/04/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.

次に何が Grim Dawn に現れるかお知りになりたいですか? 次のGrim Misadventureは、2020年5月4日にまたご確認ください。

[GM #168] - Sidelands 2020/2/18


Grim Misadventures here with another report!


Last time, we went down memory lane to review how much has changed in Grim Dawn in 2019 (hint: it was a lot).

前回は、記憶の路をさかのぼり、2019年でGrim Dawnがどのように変わったを再考しました。(ヒント:沢山ありました)

As you know, v1.1.6.0 is just around the corner. Later this month, to be exact! This is another major addition to the game filled with balance changes and improvements.

知っての通り、v1.1.6.0 がすぐその角まで来ています。正確に言えば、今月の後半です!

In the forefront are of course the upcoming Monster Totems 2, which are sure to spice up your Campaign exploration.


That’s not all, of course, as there is always MOAR.


Some things are more subtle…


While others come in the form of ten all new Legendary items and 4 new Monster Infrequents to track down!


We had some fun creating these as they offer some new twists on old formulas.


If you want to see these items in action, we did a livestream recently where we showed a work-in-progress of all the items:


Grim Dawn V1.1.6.0 Preview

This update does not mark the end of the line for Grim Dawn though. With our Xbox port still on the way, we are pushing more performance improvements to the PC version and new content still awaits!

けれどもこの更新は、Grim Dawn の路線の終わりを記念するものではありません。まだ途上にあるXboxへの移植と共に、

We’ve already teased you with this image to make those gears turn, but we’re not stopping there.


The Shattered Realm will continue to expand as well, with more shards, including new Shattered Guardian Domains.


Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 03/23/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.

次に何が Grim Dawn に現れるかお知りになりたいですか? 次のGrim Misadventureは、2020年3月23日にご確認ください。

[GM #167] - A Look Back at 2019 2020/1/14


And a Happy New Grim Misadventure to you! As we usher in 2020, we reflect upon the game that released nearly four years ago. 2019 was another huge year for Grim Dawn.

Grim Dawn にとって、2019年はもう一つの巨大な年でした。

Let’s go down memory lane and see all that 2019 brought us…and perhaps see what’s still to come!
2019 saw the release of Grim Dawn’s second expansion, Forgotten Gods, as well as 6 major content and feature updates. Build diversity saw substantial gains through not only hundreds of new items in the expansion but also through extensive balancing, including concluding the year with our largest content update ever!

思い出の小道を下って、2019年にもたらされたものをすべて見れば... たぶん、これから何が来るのかが分かるでしょう!
2019年においては、Grim Dawn の第二拡張版、Forgotten Gods がリリースされ、加えて6つの主要なコンテンツと機能の更新がありました。

From the Past…


A God Forgotten – As with Ashes of Malmouth before it, the Forgotten Gods expansion was a massive addition to the game, having introduced a massive new story chapter that culminated in some serious ramifications for the game’s lore. The Oathkeeper mastery rounded out build options, bringing the total number of mastery combinations to a staggering 36. New movement skills forever changed the dynamic of combat and brought an era of new speed records to the Crucible. Finally, the Shattered Realm offered an all new way to engage with Grim Dawn’s endgame.

忘れられた神 - 以前の Ashes of Malmouth と同様、Forgotten Gods 拡張版は、ゲームへの大規模な追加であり、
最後に、シャッタード レルムは、Grim Dawn の終盤に引き込むまったく新しい方法を提供しました。

Forgotten Gods was some of our finest work yet and we are immensely proud of all it did for the game. Fans seem to agree, with an 85% score on Steam and a 4.6/5 on GoG!

Forgotten Gods は、これまでで最も素晴らしい仕事の一つであり、ゲームのために行ったすべてのことを、我々はとてつもなく誇りに思っています。
ファンの皆さんも同意見のようで、Steam で 85%、GoG で 4.6/5 のスコアを獲得しています!

Filtered Gameplay – V1.1.1.0 added one of our favorite recent features to Grim Dawn: the loot filter. Grim Dawn has a ton of ways to build characters and sometimes all that loot dropping on the ground can seem overwhelming, especially for new players. The loot filter simplified this process by allowing players to show only the items with attributes they care about!

フィルターを通したゲームプレイ - v1.1.1.0 では、我々の大好きな最近の機能、ルートフィルターを Grim Dawn に加えました。
Grim Dawn にはキャラクターをビルドする方法がたくさんあり、特に新しいプレイヤーにとっては、

More Bits! – Perhaps not as impactful on the surface but with significant ramifications for the upcoming Xbox port, Grim Dawn’s engine was updated to support x64 processing and thus the expanded memory available to most PCs these days. This was a requirement to run the game on console, but as with controller support a while back, PC players benefit as well!

あともう少し! - 表面的にはさほど衝撃的ではないでしょうが、来たる Xbox 移植のための重要な副産物として、
Grim Dawn のエンジンは x64 処理をサポートしました。それにより、最近のほとんどのPCにおいて拡張メモリが利用できます。

Melee Looks – The way the game processes melee animations was completely overhauled with v1.1.1.0. While this change had no impact on actual gameplay performance, it made melee combat feel much more satisfying with snappier animations and sharper weapon trails.

近接戦闘の見た目 - 近接アニメのゲーム処理法が、v1.1.1.0 で完全に見直されました。

Spell It Out – As work progressed on Grim Dawn, not only did our standards for quality go up, but also our own ability to execute upon those standards. We spent significant time in 2019 going back to some of the game’s oldest spell effects and overhauling them completely.

簡潔な説明 - Grim Dawn の仕事が進むにつれて、品質基準だけでなく、その基準を実行する能力も向上しました。

Not only that, we improved the tech for out skill modifiers to allow for more visual updates. This meant we could take most of our 100% Conversion skill modifiers and add alternate visuals for all of those skills. Finally Trozan’s Sky Shard could look acidic when you turned its damage into acid/poison.


Monstrously Updated – As with spell effects, some of our oldest monsters fell woefully behind the quality of our more recent creations. First in line were Zombies, Bonebacks and Rifthounds, but several other monsters saw adjustments as well!

モンスターの更新 - 呪文効果と同様、最も古いモンスターの一部が最近の創作の品質に痛ましいほど後れを取っていました。

We Swear There’s Something There – A common request since Ashes of Malmouth, we introduced new invisible Illusions for Helmets and Shoulders so players could customize their look to suit their needs. The Fashion Dawn collection is always a treat to visit.

そこに何かがあると誓います - Ashes of Malmouth からよくあるリクエストですが、
(公式コミュニティの)Fashion Dawn コレクションは、いつでもご訪問を楽しみにしています。

Deferred Renderer – Probably one of the biggest improvements to the engine, the deferred renderer significantly improved performance for many players and allowed us to enable dynamic lighting on many of our spell effects

遅延レンダラー - おそらくエンジンへの最も大きな改良の一つである遅延レンダラーは、

Putting Veteran Back in Veteran – Veteran difficulty had fallen behind over the years and no longer presented the challenge for experienced players that it was meant to. With v1.1.4.0, we went back to the leveling experience and made Veteran and Elite difficulty feel like a proper difficulty progression instead of the breeze they became as mastery skills became more powerful.

ベテランをベテランに復帰させる - ベテランの難易度は長年の間に後れを取り、
v1.1.4.0 ではレベル上げの経験に立ち戻って、ベテランとエリートの難易度をマスタリースキルが強力になるにつれて、

Life Qualities – v1.1.4.0 introduced a series of great improvements to the game, several of which were popularized by the Grim Internal mod. With auto-looting for crafting materials and components, monster health bars, search functionality for various UIs including the Devotion screen and the ability to select your favorite Crucible map at the start, 2019 saw some of the biggest quality of life changes to the game yet.

ライフクオリティ - v1.1.4.0 は、ゲームに一連の素晴らしい改善を導入しましたが、それらのいくつかは Grim Internals mod によって普及したものです。

It’s Over…6000! – Across several updates, but culminating with v1.1.5.0, we made over 6000 item changes in a massive overhaul that saw some of the oldest Legendary sets updated to modern standards and all of our Epic items and Rare affixes receiving a much needed facelift to make leveling up more exciting.

6000以上だ! - いくつかの更新をまたがって v1.1.5.0 で頂点に達し、6,000以上のアイテムを大規模な見直しで変更し、

The Tomb Opens – A certain individual at the Conclave of the Three made some questionable deals with many players. Those deals culminated in the opening of Grim Dawn’s 5th roguelike dungeon: the Tomb of the Heretic!

墓開き - 三神の秘密会議における特定個人が、多くのプレイヤーとある種の怪しい取引を行いました。
それらの取引は、Grim Dawn 5番目のローグライクダンジョン、Tomb of the Heretic (異端者の墓)を開くことで完了しました!

Death’s Way – The Shattered Realm holds some of Grim Dawn’s greatest challenges, and players have been asking for a means to push as far as they can. With v1.1.5.0, we added the means to do so through Deathly Waystones, which offer shortcuts back to some of the highest Shards at the cost of loot rewards; but to those hunting for the peak of build performance, that is in itself its own reward.

死の道 - シャッタードレルムは Grim Dawn 最大の挑戦を保持し、プレイヤーは可能な限り押し進める手段を求めていました。
v1.1.5.0 では、死のウェイストーンを介してそのようにする手段を追加しました。

Some players have taken it upon themselves to push the limits 73 of even the new Waystones.


In honor of their achievements, V1.1.6.0 will extend the waypoints available to Deathly Waystones all the way up to Shard 210. Good luck!

彼らの実績を称えて、v1.1.6.0 では死のウェイストーンが利用できるウェイポイントをシャード210まで拡張します。ご幸運を!

What’s Next?


2019 may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean Grim Dawn’s finished! We’ve already given you a taste of what’s still to come in our last update.

2019年は過去のものかもしれませんが、それは Grim Dawn が終わったということではありません!

As is tradition, we still have MOAR! Alongside the Monster Totems, you can also look forward to nine new Legendary weapons! This collection of loot can rarely drop anywhere in the game, but if you are keen on acquiring them quickly, then you will want to track down the new totems!


But wait…hot on the heels of v1.1.6.0, we still have some treats for you down the line. While we’re not ready to discuss all of them in detail, we’ll leave you with this image to ponder what’s next!

でもちょっとお待ちを... v1.1.6.0 のすぐ後に、この先まだ若干のお楽しみを用意しております。

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 02/17/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.

次に何が Grim Dawn に現れるかお知りになりたいですか?
次のGrim Misadventureは、2020年2月17日にご確認ください。