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Locke:You chops! You come up here I'll klop your fucking lights out!

Hoxton:I tell you wankers, Ireland's not ready for Clover coming home.
It's a right good thing I sent Aldstone with her.

Man, I'd be more worried about him.

Hoxton:It's not working lass.

Man, fuck you, I got it.

[Duke on phone]I have to go, give everyone my best.

Dallas:You believe Duke? Went and bought himself a fucking museum!

Hoxton:Still not fucking working Chains.

Chains:I just got here man, I'm on it!
Broke dick piece of shit TV.

Butcher:Hey guys.
You got some fucking muda!

Chains:Fuck yeah we do.

Dallas:And Jiro?

Butcher:He'll be fine.
I arranged safe travel.
Sangrés went with him, said he wanted to see Japan.

Dallas:Oh, that could be trouble.

Chains:Hey, you believe Locke over there wearing full fucking fatigues in this heat?
10 g's says he hits a fucking shark in the head with one of those golf balls.

Hoxton:I'll take that bet.

Dallas:He better not hit my fucking boat.

Butcher:Excuse me gentlemen, I will need a couple of words with Mr.Fatigues over there...

Dallas:Locke, he did good though. I mean he really got us through that Kataru business.

Hoxton:Ah, he's just done it for the fucking gold.

Dallas:Well, I'm not so sure. Imean things didn't end smoothly and he stuck with us anyway.
He could have screwed us over at any time, right?

Hoxton:Fair enough.

Chains:Here we go!
Damn! I felt that shit from there!

Locke:What was that for?

Dallas:I guess he never apologized for Alaska.

Chains:You know what, at this point I'm good with it.

Dallas:Yeah, of course you are.

Butcher:And this concludes our business gentlemen.
Jebite se gospoda!

Dallas:Yabi what?!
What the fuck does that mean?

Hoxton:No fucking clue.

Vlad:I said you fuckers would do this shit one day!
Women, booze, the best fucking drinks.

Chains:Thought you were all up in Seattle, raising fucking Sputnik!

Vlad:Fuck the underworld, eh "Change"?
So, no more Bain? I heard about that shit. I'm sorry and condolences and all that.
да, да, я.
Нормально, блять. Нормально, не беспокойся.
Я тебе скажу, когда что-нибудь поменяется.
Ну давай, давай, ладно.
You guys should have told me about that. It's not good.
You know...
Some people are not really happy about this.
I'm fucking with you!
Fuck those guys in Seattle with all the rain all the time. If you guys are out, I'm out too!
Vlad, needs some sun. Maybe
retire to
Cuba or something.
Mi, mi Commandanté!
You guys are no fun, fuck you!
Ladies, ladies!
I have a great recipe for cupcakes.

Dallas:You know, maybe this beach thing wasn't such a great idea.

Hoxton:anker's gonna get his arse kicked.

Chains:Alright Hox, try it now.
Yo, it's on, that's it.
Turn it up. Turn it up! the President returns to business as usual
in the Oval Office after a week of turmoil.
with suspected terrorist activity and even rumors of mass gunfire on Capitol Hill.
Law enforcement officials have declined to comment
on whether the rumored gunfire is connected to the apparent takedown
of the notorious Payday gang by Washington Special Commissioner
Solomon Garrett - a bright spot in these days of dark news.
We take you now live to the White House
where the President is about to present the Commissioner with the
Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor for his service.

President:My fellow Americans, it's been a difficult time for our nation.
Indeed for the entire world.
But after much dedication and perseverance, we have triumphed mightily.
We're here today to honor one of our best.
An officer who under the most difficult of circumstances did his duty
with great skill
ending a wave of crime the likes of which this country has never seen before.
you are the very, very best
our country has to offer.
We owe you a debt of gratitude that, frankly, can never be repaid.
Because of your outstanding service
it's my pleasure to bestow upon you our highest commendation.
It is now time for our country to heal
to come together as a people.
As individuals, we have opened many doors to fortune.
Now it's time to open our hearts. We must leave these trying ordeals behind us
and follow our forbearers
to make this country not one, or two
but three times as strong for future generations
so that when we go to bed at night,
each and every citizen of this great nation will have earned their pay.
let's do this!

Dallas:Oh, that's what I'm talking about!

Hoxton:Wolf baby, come on!


Locke: Hey friends!
Tellme, what'd I miss?

Dallas:The greatest heist of all.

Where's my fucking drink?


There are many rumors about what actually happened to the Payday gang after the infamous White House heist.
Only a select, privileged few, know the secret truth.
What follows are the most common stories spread throughout the criminal underworld...
悪名高いWhite House事件の後、PAYDAYギャング達がどうなったかという噂は数多くある。


Dallas bought a huge yacht, named it Medic Bag, and sailed around the world.
He had a blast getting into all sorts of adventures.
Occasionally, he was joined by other Payday members, hosting gatherings where they entertained other players with wild tales of the gang and their heists.
One of those stories involves a particularly large red diamond, which now sits in the hub of the ship's wheel.
Dallasは大きなクルーザーを購入し、Medic Bagと名付け、世界中を旅した。


Chains now financially set for life, moved to LA, and lived out his dream of being an arms-master and stuntman.
He used his fortune to revitalize the stunt industry and practical effects, resulting in most of his films becoming major blockbusters.
Payday associate Gage joined him after a while, having regained the use of his legs thanks to the gang.


Wolf traveled with Dallas and the gang on the yacht for a while,
but eventually became bored and moved back to Sweden, where he went underground.
He was never seen or heard from again. Underworld chatter says he decided to "get the fck out".


Hoxton spends most of his time relaxing on the beach and throwing parties.
He also visits Las Vegas many times a year, having bought the Golden Grin Casino.
These days, he plays poker just to fuck with his opponents, since he doesn't have to care if he wins or loses - for now.
彼はGolden Grin Casinoを買占め、年に何回もラスベガスを訪れているようだ。
近頃の彼は、相手にちょっかいを出すためにポーカーをする。勝ち負けを気にする必要が無いからだ。 …今のところは。


Houston, having stepped out of this brother's shadow,
stayed in Mexico and now runs a bar that is infamous for being used as a neutral ground to broker shadowy agreements
between criminals and government officials alike, with him as the mediator.


Bodhi went into extreme sports and ended up in a coma for a brief period,
after injuring himself while smashing the record for highest skydive.
He eventually recovered and is now using his fortune to build a car with which he plans to break the world land-speed record.


Bonnie returned to Glasgow and bought an empty lot near Riverview Gardens to build a distillery.
"Bonnie's Single Malt" is now a cherished brand of whiskey all over the world
and replaced Champagne as the victory drink of choice in the underworld.
Bonnieはグラスゴーに戻り、Riverview Gardensの近くに蒸留所を建設するために空地を購入した。
"Bonnie's Single Malt"は今や世界中に名を馳せるウィスキーのブランドとなり、


Clover returned home to Ireland and bought a castle that was once a House of the Last Kings of Ireland.
She now spends her days breeding and training prize show horses.
Aldstone, hating beaches and casinos, said farewell to Hoxton
and went along to teach her how to exploit high society.


Dragan went back to Croatia with the Butcher, as her business partner.
Eventually, he grew bored with crime and started a world-class gym in Zagreb,
where he now teaches boxing and extreme contact disciplines.
Several of his protegés have gone on to become multiple world champions.
彼は今、そこでボクシングとextreme contact disciplinesを教えている。*2


Ethan & Hila decided that the life of crime wasn't for them and returned to online broadcasting,
where they continue to enjoy fame and success..


Jacket, having thrown away his tape recorder, embraced an all-digital setup.
Apparently, it's much easier to understand him now.
His new gang, which is based in Miami, has a famed reputation for employing thugs of the highest quality.


Jimmy discovered a unique combination of rare drugs with brain-enhancing properties.
He was contracted by a private space agency for a top-secret experiment
that has yet to be unveiled to the public.


Jiro went back to Japan and confronted his old Yakuza brothers.
After setting the score, avenging his wife and child, he left Japan, never to return.
Legends tell that he now walks the earth in search of Enlightenment.


Sangrés traveled to Japan, where he helped Jiro avenge his family.
His ruthless nature eventually resulted in him becoming one of very few outsiders to ever hold the position of Yakuza boss.
As his influence spread over Tokyo, he was given the name 残忍な親分(Zannnin na Oyabun) by rival clans.


John went back to focus on the thing he does best- being one of the most notorious hitmen in history.
He eventually retired, got married, and even adopted a dog.
However, the Life eventually came back to haunt him, but his enemies would soon learn
that you don't fuck with a master hitman's dog and live to tell the tale.
John は、彼にできる最良のこと -史上最も有名な殺し屋の1人でいること に戻った。


Joy opened a trendy arcade hall in Seattle, where no arcade games newer than 1999 were allowed.
Except, of course, the ones she made herself.
She now runs the biggest retro-games company in the world, with several award-winning titles.


Scarface left on an alligator hunt and was never seen again.
Some say traveled to South America, where he is now called "the Colonel" and joined a lost warrior tribe.
Others say he runs still runs a cartel from somewhere in the Florida Everglades.
Whether either story is true or not, his fate is still discussed among the members of the underworld.
何人かの人は南アメリカへ旅に行き、今では失われた戦士の部族に加わり"the Colonel"と呼ばれていると言う。


Sokol took his winnings and moved to Cyprus with all his friends and family.
In the years that followed, his new organization attained major influence at the highest levels of the country.


Sydney left her life of crime completely behind her and moved to Switzerland,
where she trained and competed in the individual medley at the Olympics, winning the gold medal.
She used her fame, and much of her fortune, to support the fight against cancer in children,
and currently travels around the world, volunteering at various wildlife rescue centers.


Duke bought a museum in New York, and now socializes with the fine arts community.
after having acquired one of the biggest collections of rare, historical artifacts in the world.
His museum now houses the infamous "Chinese Blue" diamond, and many ancient objects of unknown origin.
He lives in a Manhattan penthouse apartment with his wife and their cats.
彼の博物館には悪名高い"Chinese Blue"*3と呼ばれるダイヤや、未知の古代遺物がたくさんある。


Locke moved California and started a world-renowned cyber-security company.
He is now known as the Guardian of Silicon Valley.
He also pursues a burgeoning career as a pro golfer, causing great uproar by always competing in combat fatigues.
To this date, he has never asctually hit a boat.


Bain, before his body succumbed to the virus that plagued him, achieved his goal of pulling of the Greatest Heist of All.
His final words will echo forever in the criminal underworld and circles of power:
"Let's do this!"


*1 英文のGet The Fck Outの頭文字を取るとGTFOとなる。これはWolfのモデルとなったUlf氏(Overkill Softwareの創立者)が立ち上げた10 Chambers Collectiveの最新作の名前である。
*2 DraganのモデルとなったDragomir氏は、強盗事件のお勤めを終えた後にExtreme Trainingというジムを経営している
*3 Chinese BlueはThe Diamond。ストーリー終盤でVladのパン屋からPAYDAYギャングのセーフハウスに送られた物と思われる
*4 「combat fatigue」には戦争神経症という意味があるが、この場合は複数形なので戦闘(野戦)服という意味、もしくはダブルミーニングだと思われる
*5 OFFSHORE PAYDAYでLockeのゴルフに対して、Dallasが「(俺の)ボートに当てたらタダじゃおかんぞ」と発言している
*6 Bainの口癖であり、OFFSHORE PAYDAYで新たな米大統領がインタビューの締めに使った言葉でもある